Check out the A-Z of Music Festivals


Music festivals are incredibly tricky to negotiate. Your uncontrollable excitement at the line-up announcement could easily turn to inconsolable disappointment when you’re standing sunburnt, friendless, phone battery-less, undernourished and watching a band in which you have zero interest because you don’t have the correct set times to hand.

Of course, we say your excitement “could” turn to misery because there is actually a much higher chance that you will have a life-changingly amazing time at a festival. You’ll meet new friends at 4.27am… maybe even new partners (indeed, just last week we went to the engagement party of a couple who met at Falls Festival). You’ll dance like a maniac to a newly-discovered favourite band, you’ll sing along to songs you had previously only listened to on your headphones on a packed train (where singing out loud is generally frowned upon… thanks a lot, society). You’ll bore your friends for months afterwards with your dewy-eyed tales of festival reminiscence.

Of course, to ensure this happens, you need to get yourself organised. When Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” he was probably talking about that time he forgot to bring sunscreen to Meredith Music Festival. So, you’ll need to do things such as printing a map of the site and the playing times, arrange a meeting place for when you inevitably lose your friends, and so on.

In fact, to help you navigate your way through it all, VICE – in partnership with Captain Morgan – have come up with the complete A-Z of Music Festivals. It’s part of their Tales of Adventure series, which has seen them going places, doing stuff, and enjoying the heck out of it. So, festival attendees, pay attention to this to guarantee a good time.

Depending on what kind of festival you’re going to, the biggest challenge on arrival will be the power-tripping security at the gates, or rocking up so late you have to set up your tent in the dark. Time this well.

That’s what we’re all there for, right? Even if it’s not an EDM festival, every genre’s full of a few classics. Personally, I think Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ is the original banger and if there’s a festival where she’s on the bill, you should go.

You’ve gone all in. You’re not just going to a one-day festival at your city’s showground, you’ve committed to a night or three in a field somewhere. Your campsite will be your home now, so make sure it’s a good one. But not so good you become that person that doesn’t see a single act at the festival because they’ve chilled at the campsite for three days straight.


You know that phrase “dance like nobody’s watching”? It’s not just a naff saying on your Aunt’s Pinterest; those are words to live by.

Like Drake says, “I got enemies, got a lot of enemies/Got a lot of people tryna drain me of this energy.” In this case, you will be your own enemy, because your drive to stay up til sunrise will drain you of your energy. That’s cool, it’s what festivals are for. Just make sure you don’t hit 0%–a power nap will get you charged up.

“Have I seen you around before?” “Don’t think so.” “Nah man! I’m sure I have!” You will have this conversation at least once. It will take at least fifteen minutes to escape…

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