Guest Mixtape: Rainbow Trout


All aboard, m’hearties! We’re excited to present the latest medley of psychedelic ear-sweets from Tasmanian disc spinner, Rainbow Trout…

Rainbow Trout, a.k.a. Chloe Mayne, is a subterranean selector and dedicated digital crate-digger from Australia’s island state. Growing roots in smoky corners of dimly lit bars, she’s since taken the stage at the likes of MONA FOMA, Rose Quartz Festival and Moon Palace.

Spanning a spectrum of genres from “scuzzy, shimmering weirdpop to jump-jiving garage gems and jagged synth-dripped punk”, Rainbow Trout weaves strange but wonderful sonic tapestries that’ll have you wigglin’ and woozin’ like a bag of sherbet bombs in a pond.

This guest mixtape takes us on a kaleidoscopic adventure through decades and continents, including stop-offs in Benin, France, Panama, Turkey, Vietnam, Niger and more. Dive in right here!


1.Kim Fowley – The Trip (US, 1965)

“This eerie, effervescent number makes for a lip-smacking introduction to any psychedelic trek. Close your eyes, it’s groovy now…

kim fowley the trip


2. Arthur Lee (Love) – 7 And 7 Is (US, 1966)

“A ramped-up, warped-out machine gun thing all riddled with thunderclaps and slippery Vaseline guitar. Bam!”

love 7 and 7 is

3. Jacques Dutronc – Hippie Hippie Hourrah (live version, France 1967)

“Twirling, carnivalesque pop fancies from this French freakbeat swooner. Delicious slow licks that wind up and down like a music box. I saw Black Lips cover this inside a Spiegeltent in the German countryside; the floorboards groaned and everyone was hollering.”

jacques dutronc hippie

4. Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes – DaDje Von O Von (Benin, 1983)

“A finger-clickin’, knee-knockin’ dinghy kept afloat with bubbly maraca twists. Impossible not to shake a limb to this one!”

gnonnas pedro

5. Ralph Weeks + Los Dinamicos Exciters – Let Me Do My Thing (Panama)

“I’m a pretty new swimmer to the funky pond; one of the joys of all this digging is that it takes me down a whole labyrinth of wormholes. This is such a smooth, shimmy-shakin’ number, all gooey like melted butter. The original 7″ of this baby sells for around five hundred quid these days, which makes me glad I spin CDs!”

ralph weeks

6. Erkin Koray – Geliyor (demo version, Turkey 1977)

“Royalty of Turkish rock, Erkin Koray is one of my absolute favourites. Apparently this version never made it onto an album, but I love the way it snarls and swaggers.”

erkin koray geliyor

7. The Savages – The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square (Bermuda, 1966)

“Moored all the way out in tropical Bermuda, this is a wild-eyed swampy garage treasure combed up on pink-sand beaches. One of my all-time most beloved gems.”

savages live wild

8. Index – Shock Wave (US, 1965)

“A real stomper from Detroit. It trickles in unseen and then splits like egg yolk, grinding wheels across a gravel highway, dust columns rising in its wake.”


9. ‪Esin Afşar – Zühtü (Turkey, 1976)

“Another Turkish psych treat, this one glitters and swirls; daydreams of sunlight and long grass seeping in all the corners.”

esin afsar

10. Dan Bau Vietnam – Riders In The Sky (Vietnam, 1992)

“This sounds like the track you spin on repeat while on a space-age cowboy mission across technicolour deserts. The horizon stretches out like millions of upturned palms and all the plants are made of magnetic sand. There are tiny sea monkeys and chameleons living inside the spiky fronds. Apparently this song was recorded inside a Saigon tourist restaurant.”

dan bau vietnam

11. Mamman Sani – Alfarey (Niger, 1985-88)

“You’ve been gliding across the magnetic sand desert (see above) for ninety days, when everything dissolves into still, shimmering water. Your steed, which is a leafy sea dragon, simply keeps propelling forward. You turn your head and watch the ripples circle out like tossed ropes, mesmerising, the only trace of movement in the entire aquascape.”

mamman sani

Keep swimmin’ with Rainbow Trout via her Facebook and Mixcloud. Tasmanian folk can catch her spinning shapes at Dark Mofo’s BLACKLIST on Friday, June 17. Snag yourself a ticket here!