Getting to Know Monique Robinson

Monique Robinson interview

Sydney-based model Monique Robinson is someone to keep on your radar. We asked her to tell us about herself: 

I am a wild card, you never really know what you’re going to get. My mood swings are inevitably regular and can be very intense. When I express an emotion it’s to its highest degree. From happy to sad to angry to any other emotion humanly possible, I’ve expressed it, loudly, but go hard or go home right? I always seem to find myself caring too much or loving too hard but life would be boring any other way. Some would interpret this as if my life revolves around drama, it doesn’t. I simply strive to experience every moment to the fullest and experience every emotion that comes with that experience equally.

Modelling is something I’ve found to be quite unique. The entire lifestyle around this culture is its own and is something I never really envisioned myself to be a part of. Due to the fact of being from a small town, far from the big cities it didn’t cross my mind that modelling would ever be something I’d do. Amath Magnan was the first photographer to contact me and did so on Instagram. Following this I was contacted by several other photographers and likewise shot with them until eventually in February this year I moved to Sydney, where I have continued to do regular shoots. There are so many unique and diverse individuals who I have already come across from my small experiences within the industry. I did expect to keep my friends, family and usual life separate from modelling but inevitably have made so many good, long lasting friends who have impacted on me in such positive ways. Modelling is fun, exciting and a great way to meet people, however it is not my main career priority.

Monique Robinson interview

Aside from modelling I study. I am in my first year and first semester of studying Interior Architecture at UNSW. I’ve always been absorbed in creativity and design. From indulging in creative arts throughout my schooling life I decided to pick this degree for an in-depth analysis at an element of design within our society. Architecture is definitely a form of art, one that I’m extremely interested in and am excited to continue learning about.

Home is my family. My mum, dad and I have lived in the same house ever since I was born. It’s about five minutes drive from the beach, which is also a strong reminder of home. It’s very difficult now living in Sydney and comprehending just how far home is. I live by myself in Coogee and do get very homesick at times. I have two cats back home and miss them dearly. My younger cat, Tori, is a bit wacky nowadays. She has been run over twice, TWICE. My mother being the culprit of both instances, you can imagine how angry I was the second time. The first time she had to have her tail amputated and was in a leg cast and head cone for several weeks. The second time it was her head, she couldn’t close her mouth for a month and would dribble everywhere. She’s back to being semi-normal now however looks similar to a rabbit. Tori and my other cat Mia are definitely connected with the concept of home as much as mum and dad.

I spend too much time doing nothing. I’ve found with my degree that all-nighters and extremely long hours are the norm. When I get a second of spare time I find myself doing absolutely nothing, partly because I’m exhausted and partly because when studying so much, doing nothing is a luxury. I also have a small obsession with plants. I tend to spend too much time planting and re-potting and too much money buying plants. I sometimes give myself an ultimatum: to buy the plant or to buy groceries for the week. I then have to remind myself that I am a poor Uni student that needs groceries.

Monique Robinson interview

I’m currently listening to ‘Is This How You Feel’ by The Preatures. This song can account for a wide range of moods. I listen to it casually around the house but also listen to it when getting ready for a night out with the girls. It is a constant reminder of my year 12 Art class; as my best friend and I would have it on repeat trying to get through our art majors.

It might surprise people to learn that I sing and play the guitar. My friends and family all know this about me however it does usually come as a surprise to those who I only just meet. I started learning how to play the guitar at around 11 and was self-taught in the singing department. I did music throughout high school and sung for my HSC major. I am interested in a range of musicians and so I chose a variation of artists in my major. There was Bon Iver to Meg Mac and even the classic Etta James, who I believe are all influential musicians.

In the future I want to travel. I know it’s cliché but I have never been outside of the Australian boarder and am dying to do so. I have travelled a bit within Australia and one of my most memorable trips was to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef in 2014. Snorkelling three times a day for ten days there is probably going to be one of the highlights of my life. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and would recommend going there.

Monique Robinson Inteview

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