Getting To Know High Dive Heart

High Dive Heart

Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy of pop duo High Dive Heart tell us about themselves:

We are High Dive Heart. A pop duo of gypsy dreamers who fell in love through making music and are married. We believe in spreading love through songs and want people to feel when they listen. We are tree climbers, misfits, dangerous dancers, dog lovers, little kids trapped in big bodies, best friends, bad bowlers. We write our lives and sing them for you!

“Misfit” is our new anti-bullying anthem for everyone who feels like they don’t fit into this world. We are Misfits and we want to help people feel comfortable being different and unique. We think different is beautiful. We’re trying to do our part to help stop the rapidly spreading social epidemic of bullying everywhere. We need everyone’s help though, and that means YOU!

Our upcoming EP will be the first half of our new album. The title is “HDH vs. MTR (Part 1)” and it means High Dive Heart vs. Morgan Taylor Reid. Morgan is the producer we wrote and recorded the record with and is a key element to the new sound we’ve created for this record. Part 1 will be 6 songs and each of them has its own sonic galaxy within the universe of the whole project. Our goal was to push ourselves out beyond ourselves to places we’ve never travelled musically. MTR is the rocket that helped us get there. We are so excited for you to hear the whole album, but Part 1 is coming out late summer!

We travel so much and make so much music that we are almost always working. So maybe you could say we work too much. Our goal is to rest as much as possible and immerse ourselves in nature when we don’t have to be in a metropolis. And although we may be workaholics, when the work is making music it feels more like having fun most of the time. We love what we do and are so grateful it’s what we get to do for a job. Chasing dreams is difficult but so inspiring and rewarding.

We’ve never played in Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Alaska, or Amsterdam and we’d like to change that.
We’ve also never parachuted in Prague, or boated in Budapest. We have been to Europe separately, but
never together. We’ve also never met Coldplay or Radiohead. We’ve never gone skiing in the Swiss Alps
or tightrope walking in Tasmania. We’ve never answered a question quite like this before either!

It might surprise people to learn that we were friends for years before we ever started dating, and eventually getting married. We made a lot of music together and eventually started to fall in love through the magic of making it. We think it’s best to be in relationships with people you are also friends with. It’s the foundation.

In the future we want to play our music for as many people as we can all over the world. We want to
fly around in little rocket pods and take road trips in cars that drive themselves. Our main goal is to love
the adventure we’re on and stay together through the chaos and confusion of chasing a dream. It sounds
simple but we just want to make music, to move people and make them feel alive, feel accepted, feel happy, sad, grateful, regretful, beautiful. In the future we want to sing for you. Infinite love from us. XO

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Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photograph by Patrick Tracy.