Getting to know Jenny Broke The Window

jenny broke the window

Jenny Broke The Window are set to drop a new EP, Feels Good, this week. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are four, sometimes five lads from the South Coast/Sydney that make up Jenny Broke the Window. Couple of brothers and a couple of mates from high school.

“Airport Love” is a feeling. A pretty common feeling I think. There’s nothing quite like the mood or the emotion you feel in airports. There are so many different emotions going on in those places so it’s obviously different for everyone, whether they are leaving for a long time, going somewhere they don’t really want to go or the anticipation of the trip of your lifetime. It’s also the title of our most recent single, and I think in the context of the song ‘Airport Love’ refers to the moment of saying goodbye to someone you think you probably wont see again for a long time, if ever.

Our upcoming EP, Feels Good, will be out on 15th July, the same day I fly to London to continue working on our debut album. Our upcoming EP will also, hopefully be pleasurable to the ears of its listeners. We’re stoked with the end result and there are a few new songs on there that haven’t been heard before as well as a couple singles we’ve released in the last year or so.

We spend too much time commuting to Sydney for rehearsal. It’s kind of like a long distance relationship with us band members, with half in Sydney and half on the south coast. We also spend too much time talking at rehearsal rather than rehearsing.

We’ve never played our song “We Could’ve Done this Grant” live. Not actually sure why, but I think the fact that we wrote and recorded it around the same time as “Black Skeleton” might have something to do with it. We were probably concentrating on that one instead.

It might surprise people to learn that a fair chunk of the album we plan to release is already written. I’ve got a heap of demos/ideas that I will keep working on to form into full-length songs. It’s rare that I write a full song in one sitting, a lot of the time I come up with the main idea of the song then revisit it months later to finish it off and flesh it out. Seems to work better that way. The verse from one of the songs on the EP was actually taken from a demo that’s probably four or so years old.

In the future we hope to release said album. And hopefully get to play shows in places we never have before. I think that’s the goal for most bands isn’t it?

Feels Good is released on Friday July 15.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.