Video Premiere: Glider Pilots – Simple Things

We’re thrilled to today be premiering the latest video from Queensland born-and-raised indie-rock/folk duo, Glider Pilots.

Brother and sister, Benjamin and Samantha Hope display a distinctly Do It Yourself attitude towards their work. They write, record, mix and master their music themselves and also do all the artwork and music videos. Impressive!

Their new tune, Simple Things, is a perfect example of what Glider Pilots are all about, with breathy vocals weaving through charming guitar melodies, synths and drum machines. If it isn’t worth four minutes of your day, we don’t know what is.

Explaining the meaning behind the song, the band said: “Simple Things tells the story of how you get caught in the push and pull of where and who you are and where and who you want to be.”

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Glider Pilots

Simple Things will be released 12th of August 2016.