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Paulina Singer Interview

Paulina Singer stars in the new series Dead of Summer and has recently been featured in Nylon’s Young Hollywood Issue. As well as acting and producing music, she also supports organisations that promote healthy farming, sustainable living, eco recovery and the end to animal cruelty. We asked her to tell us more about herself:

I am living in the past, present and future, all at the same time. Using manifestation to inherit the finite destiny that has been set for an infinite amount of time by the universe experiencing itself within my being. At least, that’s how I feel today.

Dead of Summer is in relation to me, a paradox. I’m using the pain I feel for the suffering of the world, to try and ease the suffering of the world, through my performance. The show is a stepping stone in a journey of outlets where I am trying to strategically place my voice in order to change and respect the diverse perspectives of the misunderstood. To some, it may seem like just a TV show. As someone who doesn’t like to be too serious about most things, I could see it that way too, but this is an exception, and I need to be confident there are people like me out there that are looking for a deeper meaning and appeal to them. So to me, it’s more than what it may seem. The battles between light and dark that take place in the plot are extremely representative of the struggle for a life without suffering in the ever growingly violent world we are a part of as humans. Especially currently, with technology and media, we have the tools to expose what has been going on for centuries, and what’s being exposed is showing that it’s only getting worse.

I’m uncomfortably passionate about the wellbeing of the souls on this planet and I have an undying need to express the pain I feel for the pain of the world through outlets of any art I know; currently acting, writing, dancing, drawing, and making music. Since we live in a society where success is defined by learning and repeating one specific way of life, it feels like the only way to change these structured ways is to get through to peoples souls, speak to their deepest subconscious. I feel like art is one of the most powerful ways to do so. Humans have to feel something themselves, not just be told how something is supposed to make them feel. Acting is one of the many ways I am trying to do this.

Working alongside Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Patrick Stewart in upcoming movie Wilde Wedding was amazing because they are such talented and renowned artists, and humbling because they are just humans like everyone else and need and desire many of the same things from life. It’s easy to see someone on a pedestal when they are in the eyes of so many, but no star is a super human. In fact, I’m sure we would be more wowed and humbled by the lives Buddhist monks living in the mountains of a faraway country than of someone famous in our well known country. This is not to say that Glenn, John and Patrick weren’t incredible humans, they are beyond! They have the air of having given themselves to life in the fullest ways they desire, and that is a very relaxing energy to be around. You can tell they are extremely, EXTREMELY hard workers and their minds are working on many levels at once. It’s a beautiful energy to be around.

Home is a haven for creation. Home is in the arms of an entity that cares about me. Tangible or abstract. Sometimes home is traveling, but at this very moment in time, home is Brooklyn, NY. I have a sweet set up there living with artists and business owners whose energy fuels me to relax and be proactive at the same time. Eventually, I’m hoping to make a home off the grid and let the plants be my home. As long as my mom can come, it’s lit.

Paulina SingerTime is abstract. Time is mine to play with. Less time looking at your watch and more time watching where you look.

I’m currently listening to the sounds of trailer doors opening and closing in the circus of Dead of Summer and the giggles of Brad, the sound guy. Brad is awesome. If I were listening to music I would choose Warpaint, The Internet, or I’d be fixing up a beat I’ve been working on recently that buuumps.

It might surprise people to learn that there have actually been studies by a guy named Cleve Backster, that show that plants have memory, emotions, humanlike reactions and psychic abilities. Shamanic healing had answers to sicknesses hundreds of years before science did, and yet had no access to labs or scientists. Plants are the answer to many of life’s mental and physical issues and if we learned how to listen to mother nature, our original mom, thank her and set our intentions through this place, mental, spiritual and physical healing would be much easier. That’s what I’ve been learning about lately.

It also might surprise people to learn that I love heavy metal.

In the future, I may just become overwhelmed and feel that there are only a very small amount of places that deserve the peace I have to give and leave the country for a more relaxed state of being. Other than that though, some words that come to mind when I think “future” are Africa, Amazonian rainforest, Peruvian shamanic ceremonies, album release, funk shows, dancing, singing, performing, raising money and awareness for the planet, sustainable empire cleaning the earth and creating necessary tools for sustainability. Playing music festivals, more dancing. Finding a way to teach people how to love themselves in order to lessen the violence they put unto others. Expanding the respect and understanding for a wider variety of perspectives.

Later today… a bath.

Keep up to date with Paulina at her website.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photos by Emily Soto.