Video: The Melting Caps – Baby Blue

Long standing Sydney bands Crossing Red Lines and Flick the Bean merged this year to form The Melting Caps. The result is an indie rock 5-piece with a touch of ska-funk and a social conscience. Writing their own songs and shooting their own videos, they’re creating smooth summery tunes, often incorporating social commentary into their softly-spat lyrics.

Their latest single, Baby Blue, is less politically-engaged but all kinds of good vibes. And they’ve just dropped a super sweet video to accompany it. Check it out, above.

In this comedy of errors clip, boy travels to meet girl. Flower-yielding and optimistic, he faces a series of comical mishaps and some possible instances of poor judgement (heard of uber mate?). Even so, the video endearingly captures the goofy trajectory of rolling with life’s punches, hoping your mistakes can be overlooked and that you might make it with someone. Starting out laidback and sunny, the slow riff builds up to a glorious instrumental crescendo as the loveable idiot gets to his girl. Happy endings and good times abound.

So if you’re about smooth indie rock and rooting for an underdog, spare four minutes and give it a listen! And if you like what you hear, get around them and keep up with the band on Facebook.

Sam Jones


Words by Sam Jones.