Getting to Know Dean Lewis


Dean Lewis has just dropped his debut track and is embarking on a tour of Australia with Lisa Mitchell. We asked him to tell us about himself:

I am sitting on my bed. The music video for my song “Waves” just came out I’m trying not to watch it because watching yourself back is awkward. I’ve spent the last two years writing as many songs as I possibly could and am trying to get used to the whole “releasing” part which is new, exciting and scary at the same time.

“Waves” is about the losing that sense of excitement little by little as the years pass. Losing my “wild youth” and excitement. I remember going to parties at around 17 and just buzzing off the walls… everything used to feel like an adventure. Strangely enough putting out “Waves” (which is my first release), is making me feel excited and nervous so maybe in some round about way I’ve figured out how to get it back!

Touring with Lisa Mitchell is actually incredible. I’m learning loads as it’s my first support tour and there’s so much to learn and get better at. I actually just read a very kind review that said some lovely things but ended saying that “my abrupt endings to the songs ripped the audience from a delicate reverie” which is funny to read, but also I see it and think, ‘Ok I can definitely improve on this and that’. Anyway it’s been incredible – Lisa is a real artist and the set up she’s got going on with the band sounds BIG. Also touring with BUOY – the main support – has been great she has so much ‘swag’!

Home is Sydney for me, although this year has been about four months of travel spending the majority of the time in London and a month in LA. There is nothing like coming home, although I don’t know where I’ll end up in the future.

I spend too much time chasing songs! Thats the truth – it almost sounds like when you’re in an interview and the potential employer goes “what’s your biggest weakness” and you answer “I work too hard” haha! But I love it – I love writing new songs and its such an intense thing for me. I used to be more of a “let it come and don’t think to much” kinda songwriter, but I’ve really focused these last two years on learning how to write better and changed my approach a bit. They come quick but it has to mean something to me.

I’m currently obsessed with Catfish and the Bottlemen’s album – ‘The Ride’. Big fan of his straight-up lyrics. I’m also really into Rhodes. His album “Wishes” blew my mind and the epic production on some of his songs like “Close Your Eyes” kinda inspired me when we went in to record ‘Waves’.

It might surprise people to learn that I was sent to Singapore in 2005 to represent Australia in the World Cyber Games. My brother and I beat out hundreds of other kids and we ended up over there competing for the world title. We ended up coming fifth but we beat the UK team which I’m still proud about! I loooove gaming. I don’t get much time now because I feel guilty if I’m wasting to much time and not writing something but it satisfies the competitiveness in me.

In the future I hope I can keep building a fan base and putting out songs. That’s it for me. I just wanna consistently put out well written songs and hope that people like them!

Stay up to date with Dean on Facebook and catch him and Lisa on tour at the follow venues:

Saturday 22nd October – Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW – SOLD OUT
Sunday 23rd October – Newtown Social Club Sydney, NSW – NEW SHOW ADDED
Thursday 27th October – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth, WA
Friday 28th October – Rocket Bar, Adelaide, SA

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.