Getting to Know Jack Grace

Getting to Know Jack Grace

Sydney’s Jack Grace drops his new EP this week. He tells us about himself and his new release:

I am… on my couch, drinking coffee and listening to Jaques Greene.

“River” is… my first EP and a happy place I go to in my head. When my Pop was critical and in his last days in hospital there was a period of time in which he slipped into a coma and lost consciousness, he was declared deceased, he ended up actually coming back and regained consciousness. When my Mum asked if everything was OK he said with a very calm and relaxed tone “Everything is great, please don’t worry I’ve just been to the river and Joe, Ivy and Alice are all there and everything is fine.” He passed away later that night.

My upcoming show with Oliver Tank will be… at Hibernian House. I’ve spent too much time in Hibernian House. I hate the smell, I hate the rats, I hate the fact it feels like if the place catches on fire there is no way anyone is getting out of there…. but I’m looking forward to the show cause I’ve had some great musical experiences in that building.

Home is… wherever I am. It’s a work in progress but I’m trying to develop this mentality.

I spend too much time… away from the people I love. My family are scattered around regional NSW, NYC and France. Although I live in Sydney, all these places feel equally distant.

I’m currently listening to… well, now I’ve finished that Jaques Greene EP, After Life, After Party and strangely Joni Mitchell’s Blue has just started playing… it’s just alphabetical play-listing but it’s interesting they are both Canadian… is it?

It might surprise people to learn that… I’m not very fit

In the future… I’m releasing more music, making new music, playing more shows … repeat.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.