Getting to Know Landings


Brisbane trio Landings just dropped a brand new single, entitled “Start Again”. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are Landings, from Brisbane. We make sad songs.

“Start Again” is a project that’s taken up a good part of a year to finish. It’s about as poppy as we think we’re ever going to go as a band, and was a lot of fun to make with this in mind.

Our show at Black Bear Lodge last weekend was a real nice time. There were a lot of incredible bands playing around town on the same night, so it was really special to see so many people turn out to watch us play our first ever headline show. Kieran T. Stevenson supported and was incredible as always.

Home is our home away from home, a beach house on the south east coast near Batemans bay. We write some of our favourite music there, whenever we get the chance to go.

We spend too much time choosing emojis for Facebook posts 😎

We’re currently listening to the new Tycho and American Football records, a lot. For local stuff, the new MTNS and Tiny Little Houses stuff is pretty incredible, there’s so much good stuff coming out of Australia at the moment.

It might surprise people to learn that we play golf games on xbox before every show.

bobby t


Interview by Bobby Townsend.