Track-by-track: Glitoris – The Disgrace EP

Formed in 2014 as a response to the growing outrage at the state of gender inequality in Australian society, Glitoris have gone from strength to strength, selling out many shows and gaining an army of fans – The Gliterati! 

Continuing to turn heads, the band have crafted a new EP and have kindly agreed to talk us through it, track-by-track…

1. Paradise
A catchy and energetic radio nugget, Paradise is 1 minute and 45 seconds of gold. With the shout-singing so typical of the us, accompanied by Tony’s punchy drums, Andrew and Keven’s crunchy guitars, and Malcolm’s driving bass, Paradise is the energising track you play when you want to get fired up and release the rage. Take back what’s yours by singing along with “you think your junk is paradise…but I think your junk is dry ice”, or chant the ever-increasing “I shoulda known… I shoulda known…”. Our guitar and vocal hooks wind artfully up to a climax complete with screams and shouts before finishing with a final chorus of elated empowerment.

2. Disgrace
Our debut single, Disgrace represents our music as much as our protest, with heavy guitars, soaring harmonies and a chorus that will have you yelling with a fiery passion. The lyrics question the listener by confronting realities: “do you think we are bold, or a huge disgrace?”. Tasting fear and celebrating women being un-ladylike, we think you’ll agree this track delivers a potent punch. Our guile and grit screams through the track, acting as a perfect musical outlet for the repressed rage and silenced symbols of our culture.

3. Off With Their Heads
Playing on the Queen of Hearts reference, Off With Their Heads delivers duel messages powered by multiple rhythmic paces. First, we begin with a fast but stripped-back pulsing of drums and call-and-response yelling about inequality. We end the section with the command: “TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!”. Suddenly, we break the music down, and you’ll find yourself head-banging almost to the floor in a Rage Against The Machine-like delirium. You may even take off your shirt. Soon we’re back in the upbeat outrage, demanding “smear off the glitter, take off your shirt!”. The sludge breakdown follows, the patriarchy slowing you down, stealing you away from the truth. Finally, the two musical sections battle in a frenzied fight of fast and slow merging together, only to collapse in a heap. Off With Their Heads is our protest song to enlist troops to go to war.

4. Pole
Pole is a 7-minute adventure through temperance, rage and release. Throughout the song, we change gear from sophisticated musicality into a mania of energetic and chaotic anger. The break-downs dissolve the frenzy, giving the audience a mutation into grunge and sludge. The track finishes with one of our trademarks, which sets us apart from other punk bands: soaring four-part harmonies. Pole is an epic masterpiece for pole-dancers and for punk rage at being mistreated by a former partner.

Glitoris by Martin Ollman

Glitoris have got some EP launch shows coming up. Keep up to date with news of these gigs by following them on their Facebook page.