Getting to Know: Take Your Time


Take Your Time are Angela Schilling and Lee Hannah and they’ve just dropped their debut single. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are Take Your Time. We’re also from Melbourne, quite into coffee, bushwalking, bikes and flowers and we live a quick ride from each other’s houses, along Merri Creek.

Our debut 7″ has two tracks, ‘Sleep In’ and ‘I Feel It Every Day’, and is the second release on our friends’ label called Neat Lawn. We’ve worked hard on the tracks but they’ve come together so easily and quickly, and for both of us it’s a shift from emotional downbeat to emotional upbeat music, finally.

Home is Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Thailand, Dandenong, Alice Springs, Northcote Plaza, Malaymas restaurant, the highway from Adelaide to Melbourne, the bedroom studio, out the back of Lee’s house under the umbrella.

We spend too much time talking about food and sending each other pictures of food, but also don’t really believe in spending ‘too much time’ doing anything, if it makes you feel nice. It’s like there being no such thing as a guilty pleasure. We’re also working on our obsession with the ‘big’ sculptures of Australia such as the Big Koala or the Big Oyster.

We are currently listening to Solange, Noname, Xavier Omar, Harvey Sutherland, Theo Parrish, Black Vanilla, Cafe Lanai, Frank Ocean, the ‘Reply All’ podcast and Rainbow Chan.

It might surprise people to learn that Lee runs a record label called Healthy Tapes and Ang runs a zine project called Healthy Press. They’re sister projects.

In the future we’ll keep making music above 110bpm, try to get a few cocktail lounge shows, and keep looking for the perfect beaches, forests, plants, trails and lakes around Australia.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.