Getting to Know Bree Tranter


Bree Tranter is just about to embark on her first (and very long-awaited) solo headline tour. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am the walrus coo coo cachoo. I’ve been touring for ten years in music, and I’ve toured the world surprisingly three times. I’ve also worked with some of the most inspirational musicians in Australia. I love chicken and chips and I love the outdoors. I enjoy painting and filming when not writing music, but mostly I enjoy being around my community of friends and hanging out at home when I don’t have to tour.

“Another Night on Earth” is just another night on earth. I named my album after a music fundraiser night that FBi Radio put on in Sydney back in 2009 which my old band The Middle East played at. I was trying to think of a name for this album, and I looked up at the event poster and it depicted everything I was trying to say in the album. This album is about my ex-partner and Another Night On Earth was the night I met him.

Home is wherever the creeks or ocean are. At the moment it is Thirroul on the south coast of Sydney, sometimes it is up north with my family in Queensland, and Sydney definitely has a place in my heart that will always remain. I find home is mostly where my community is – moving around so much endlessly, all you want when you are home is something that anchors you down and that normally is my friends and nature.

My tour will be a first. I’ve never put on a headline tour before, let alone played many gigs under my own name. There is going to be a full band and some visuals hopefully going on in the background. Hopefully this tour is going to an experience for everyone, we can all go on the journey together.

I spend too much time filming light reflecting patterns onto moving water. I am transfixed by it and will always include it in all of my music videos. I also spend too much time eating potatoes.

It might surprise people to learn that I have an advanced license in Scuba Diving. I don’t know why that would surprise people, but hopefully we have some surprised people out there reading this.

In the future I would like to say there will be Another Night On Earth, but you really just never know anymore… it could be another night on the moon.

Bree will play the following gigs over the next few days:

Sunday 20 November – The Toff in Town, Melbourne, w/ Al Parkinson and Francesca Gonzales
Thursday 24 November – Oxford Circus, Sydney, w/ Alby and special guests
Sunday 27 November – The Foundry, Brisbane, w/ Alex Henriksson and R.L. Jones

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.