Getting to Know The Comet is Coming

Apocalyptic space funk trio The Comet is Coming hit Sydney for the first time at the upcoming Sydney Festival. The London-based group are at the forefront of a nascent movement creating new music steeped in history by incorporating dub, post-punk, 70s sci-fi, Afrobeat and psychedelic electronica. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are all individuals holding a unique perception of reality, interconnected together in space and time, thereby creating multiple simultaneous dimensions

Channel the Spirits is the name of our debut LP, released in spring 2016 and also a mantra of sorts, reminding ourselves that our artistic expression needn’t be directly reliant on our personal identity, but can be channeled from invisible realms of consciousness, called by some the spirit world.

Home is London, England technically. However the more we travel and meet people around the globe, the more we feel at home everywhere, as part of the family of the human species, and the more absurd the concept of borders and nationalist identity based on geographical and sociological constructs seems.

Our performance at Sydney Festival will be LARGE.

We spend too much time travelling away from where we just played, it would be great to spend more time in the cities we visit!

It might surprise people to learn that it is statistically more likely that the earth will be hit by a celestial object than you win the lottery.

In the future we welcome the possibility a new age based on harmony between ourselves as humans, the other sentient beings on the planet, and the earth itself.

The Comet is Coming play at Sydney Festival on 28 January. For more info and to buy tickets, go here:

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.