EP Premiere: Ravines – Ordinary

We’re excited to today premiere the new EP from Indie/electronic duo Ravines. Ordinary is the third release by the band since their debut EP in 2013.

Formerly known as Ophelia, Ravines is the creation of composer/producer Patrick Shanahan and singer/song-writer Alex Louise. The pair started working together in 2012, recording and mixing Alex’s original folk/acoustic tracks. Changing pace, they began experimenting with dubstep-inspired soundscapes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Adventure Club and Purity Ring to begin crafting their ambient, orchestral and beat-driven sound.

Having produced two EPs as Ophelia over two years and found their niche in the indie/electronic genre, Ordinary is a continuation of Ravines’ ever evolving sound, showcasing dense electronic textures combined with rich orchestral scoring.

The duo’s new name is inspired by the channels and routes music takes to reach people, reminiscent of streams of water through ravines. Check out their EP…

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