Getting to know Giullian Yao Gioiello

Giullian Yao Gioiello stars alongside legendary actress Julie Andrews in the new hit Netflix series Julie’s Greenroom. We asked him to tell us about himself:

I am Giullian. Pronounced “Julian”. I’m a half-Asian actor/musician/ex-radio host from New York City. I have a cat named Taco. This last summer I visited Chernobyl for fun with my girlfriend, I’ve never eaten meat in my life and I love my block in the East Village. I love writing music, especially when I’m going through something tough. I try to find beauty in everyday life, and have found that things are pretty great if you take a moment to slow down appreciate them.

My role in Julie’s Greenroom is awesome. I play this guy named “Gus” who’s essentially an uber-positive version of myself. He hangs with superstars, puppets and Julie Andrews (cause he’s cool like that.) He’s the guy you’d trust with your life. Gus would talk you out of a bad decision, remind you about the grass being greener on the other side, and probably write a song about it.

You can also see me in a “black-and-blue” comedy called Catfight in theaters and on iTunes as Sandra Oh’s tormented artistic half-Asian son. Or if you want to do a throwback, I’m on Netflix in The Carrie Diaries as Stefania Owen’s boyfriend in Season two. And there is an EP in the works of my original music. I’ll get back to ya on that. In the meantime, you may see me around the city playing some live music for ya (I often frequent The Bitter End.)

Home is the East Village. Born and raised in NYC it’s pretty damn hard to leave and not miss it the second immediately. Summer nights on rooftops, nights with friends by the East River, bagels in Tompkins Sq. Park… It can’t be beat.

I spend too much time messing around with computers. I’ve built several of my own computers and taught myself to code when I was 12! And I love video games. I’ll beat ya in Super Smash Bros any day!

It might surprise people to learn that I co-hosted a psychology radio talk show on the FM waves for four years with my uncle.

In the future there’ll hopefully be another season of Julie’s Greenroom, and an EP of mine to listen to!

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photos by Michael Creagh.