David Ford is excited to get out there

David Ford is hitting the road again next month with a brand new band. He also has a new EP out and an album to follow. And he’s just announced a free show at The Alternative Escape in Brighton this Thursday. So we thought it was definitely time for a catch up to find out more…

Hello David. How are you today?
I’m a little tired. My six month old daughter hasn’t adopted the musicians’ standard waking hours. I’m seeing parts of the morning I never knew existed.

So you’re off on tour again in June. What can we expect this time round?
Well this time I’ve assembled an incredible band of horrifically talented individuals and we’re touring as some kind of rolling musical commune. Allow me to explain: The show will open with support sets by US guitar genius JP Ruggieri and Magic Numbers songbird Michele Stodart. BUT they will also play in my band, I’ll play in theirs and everybody backs everybody else up in beautiful, collaborative sonic union.

How did you meet JP and Michele? Have the three of you worked together before?
I met JP when we were both playing with Jarrod Dickenson and having been astonished by his guitar playing I enlisted him to play all the difficult bits on my new record. I met Michele on a songwriters’ retreat – the only one I’ve ever attended – which to my great surprise, I very much enjoyed and met some wonderful new friends. But this will be the first time we will have all played together and I’m really excited to get out there and do it.

Presumably you’ve all been busy learning each other’s songs? What can you tell us about Michele and JP’s stuff?
They’re brilliant. The kind of songs I love. With melodies and depth and a sophisticated understanding of the heritage of great songwriting. Timeless, emotive, with flashes of sassy. I dare you not to love them.

What are the advantages of touring with a band as opposed to doing it solo?
I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of playing solo, to see just how much I can do on my own but there’s a certain magic that comes from playing music with other people. Other players always find new and unexpected little moments hiding in old songs and when a good band finds its groove, it’s just the best thing.

You’ll be playing songs from your new EP on this tour. Tell us a little about it…
The Union EP is the appetizer for the full album. It’s an eclectic gathering of five songs from a variety of origins. There’s a song I wrote for a movie soundtrack, one from the new album and a song co-written by Tom McRae and Samantha Parton. Songs about parenthood, murder, urbanisation and the War of 1812 all hanging together like it’s not even a thing.

And what’s happening with your new album? Will you still be releasing it later this year?
Absolutely. Not sure when exactly. It’s complicated.

Do you have gigs lined up outside of the UK?
Just a wild weekend in Oberhausen, Germany. Then I’m hoping to get back over to America in the autumn.

It’s just been announced that you’re playing a free gig at The Alternative Escape in Brighton this Thursday. What can you tell us about it?
It’s going to be fun. I’ll be showing up with a lot less gear than I usually carry and busting out a stripped-down, amped-up raucous half-hour of new songs and a couple of oldies. I usually cannot resist the temptation to bring a van-load of gear and toys and musical machines but I’m looking forward to turning my amp up loud and yelling some songs.

Any other business?
Was this business? I thought we were just chatting. It’s been a pleasure, thank you.

David plays for free at The Alternative Escape at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Brighton at 9pm on Thursday 18th May (Facebook event page here). The Alternative Escape runs alongside The Great Escape. You can find out more about The Great Escape here and the Alternative Escape here.

Keep up to date with David on Twitter and grab tickets to his tour over at his website.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.