Getting to Know Electric Lady

All female movement, Electric Lady makes its debut as a band night in Sydney and Melbourne soon. We asked its creator, Australian musician Holly Rankin (Jack River/Director of The Hopeless Utopian) to tell us all about it: 

Electric Lady is… that buzzing feeling of the times, poured like liquid gold into two one-off nights and a fiery platform of all the Australian electric dream girls we can discover.

I created Electric Lady because I saw the grid of Australian music light up last year, just as the world was lighting up (women’s march, climate marches), and I wanted to express that, capture it and shine a crazy light on the women who are leading the movement here in Australia – in music and surfing and science and the arts and as mothers! Our mission is to cross pollinate the bases of our Electric Ladies, so they can all learn about one another and their audiences can find out about women who are equally as badass!

The upcoming shows in Melbourne and Sydney will be huuuuuuge. To see these seven bands alongside each other at this stage in their careers will be massive, inspiring, electric and will probably never happen again.

As well as the live shows, we are creating a platform that interviews women from all fields, and looks at ways to have them collaborate or interview one another. By the time this interview comes out, we will have launched the Electric Lady Live Sessions – the beginnings of our online media channel!

It might surprise people to learn that Cosmologists love to dance, Surfers are obsessed with music and some Musicians spend more time reading science magazines than playing their instrument. And that in these little shoots of connection lie the future and a whole new electric realm of opportunity.

In the future Electric Lady will be a fully functioning world of weird interviews, concerts and festival stages that light up the stage for women and men to connect (quickly and with power) to upcoming women in all fields. We are thinking big and hoping to run bands nights in New York, Los Angeles and London over the coming few years. We are also constantly making lists of people who we would love to involve and collaborate with. Hello Sia, Lorde, Banks, HAIM, Ruby Rose.. The list goes on!

The Electric Lady live experience takes place at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Friday June 30 and Melbourne’s The Corner Hotel on Saturday July 1st.

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.