Album review: Erasure – World Be Gone

World be Gone, the new Erasure album is an interesting addition to their extensive catalogue. The opening “Love you to the Sky” is classic Erasure earworm synth pop, a bouncy upbeat dancefloor filler. Then, perhaps surprisingly, the album takes a more melancholic turn and tracks adopt a somber hue, with emphasis on tone, lyrics and a haunting emptiness. Whereas music master Vince Clarke could often be accused of over producing many Erasure tracks, layering tunes with endless electronic busyness, here a kind of restraint is exercised allowing the songs to breathe and the listener to engage with Andy Bell’s voice.

Lyrically these are not earth-changing songs but do step away from their usual palette of modern love, in all its permutations, as they consider broader issues; reflecting the uncertain and sometimes cruel times we live in. Almost a call to action, certainly reflective of our own participation in the world. A brave step for a dance synth band but they have the courage that their fans, new and old, will respect the honesty of the songs and the appropriateness that the songs reflect a graver world. There remains an inherent sweetness and faith in the world so there is no harsh aftertaste from the music; it is not overly preachy or strident. However another light and bubbly album would be a strange disconnect from reality and this album feels well judged. I much prefer it to the prior two albums, have had it on high repeat in the car and iPod and even fallen asleep with ” Love You to the Sky” bouncing through my head. Mission accomplished.

Review by Sean Collum.