Getting to Know Cable Ties

Melbourne-based punk band, Cable Ties have just dropped their long-awaited debut album. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are three people who play music somewhere between post-punk, boogie, kraut and the ACDC album Powerage. I’m Jenny and I sing/rant in this band and play the guitar. I work at a university that exclusively provides post-graduate degrees even though I’ve dropped out of two different masters degrees to play music and waste my life. It’s pretty good.

Shauna plays drums. She’s a pharmacist and massive music nerd. By day she makes chemotherapy drugs and by night she keeps the Melbourne punk/ garage scene alive by playing in heaps of bands and having a drum kit that isn’t broken.

Nick doesn’t like playing too many bass notes. He presents the Breakfast Spread on PBS and likes horticulture.

Our new album is going to be the ‘angriest album of the year’ according to our good friend Ashley Ronning. Our other good friend Woody has described it as ‘filthy.’ My dad said it is surprisingly good and better than that time he watched our sound check for two minutes in 2015 and then left cause it was ‘loud.’

Serious time though – our album is what came out when we stepped into a studio about one year after starting the band. We’re not super experienced players. We just really love the music community we’re a part of and wanted to add an extra stitch to its tapestry by throwing this album in the mix. I have never been prouder of anything I’ve ever done in my life. I’m so excited to slide it into my record collection beside all my heroes and friends.

Our upcoming tour will be great if you come and say hi! I’m really looking forward to seeing and hanging out with a bunch of new bands seeing more of the music community around Aus.

We’re sticking to the East Coast, Hobart and Adelaide so check out the relevant dates on our FB. We’re sorry not to be going further west but we just don’t have the $$. Any rich people in Perth wanna sponsor us?

Home is Melbourne. Brunswick for me, Coburg for Nick and Abbotsford for Shauna. Our collective home is The Old Bar though. We once played there seven times in a month and we weren’t even doing a residency.

We spend too much time re-watching Bojack Horseman. That’s a lie, watching that show will never be a waste of time.

It might surprise people to learn that I used to play in a Celtic folk band. I played guitar in DADGAD tuning. I also used to hug trees. As in, I went to an ecology camp and actually hugged a tree with ten other people. It was pretty great.

In the future… Who knows? Maybe a volcano will explode in Yellowstone Park and we’ll all die. There are heaps of ways we could die. We’re just going to do things one step at a time and try to not be miserable.

Cable Ties Tour Dates:
Friday June 2 – The Eastern, Ballarat
Saturday June 3 – The Bridge, Castlemaine
Friday June 16 – The Brisbane, Hobart
Friday June 23 – The Tote, Melbourne (Hometown Album Launch)
Saturday July 1 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Thursday July 6 – The Edwards, Newcastle
Friday July 7 – Factory Floor, Sydney
Saturday July 8 – The Metro, Adelaide

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.