Photos & Review: Una at Sydney Film Festival

We sent Addy Fong to the State Theatre screening of Una at Sydney Film Festival. Check out her photographs from the event and her review of the film here:

Unable to let go of the past Una (Rooney Mara) decides to confront her childhood abuser Ray (Ben Mendelsohn – pictured, top) in the dramatically charged film, Una, directed by Benedict Andrews.

Una is kept by her past flipping through childhood pictures and absentmindedly remembering her shared history with Ray whilst he, having changed his name to Peter, has chosen to move on and build a new life for himself. The dialogue-driven film is emotionally charged piece where Una’s search for answers by confronting Ray at his workplace changes our perception of her from victim to empowered adult.

Una’s sexual promiscuity however and her determination to confront Ray blurs the line between victim and perpetrator, where ideas of consent are difficult to distinguish, as the relationship between the two is revealed to be murkier than it initially seems.

Una comes out on the 22nd of June via Madman and plays again at Sydney Film Festival on Thursday 15th June. Details here.  

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Photos and review by Addy Fong.