Album review: The Kite String Tangle

ARIA nominated Electronic artist and producer Danny Harley, aka The Kite String Tangle, debuts a new self-titled album after three years of production, which has seen him move from producing in his Brisbane-based bedroom to a recording studio with live instruments and vocals featured in the album.

The 11-track album, simply titled The Kite String Tangle, is a catchy rhythmical array of beats accompanied by live performances of drums, strings, brass instruments and vocals, including his own, which help to narrate the songs in the album, providing a sort of mellow tone that allows for an easy listen which seems consistent throughout.

Synonymous with electronic music is the synthesizer, which used throughout The Kite String Tangle’s album. Accompanied with the use of live instruments such strings which provide an almost ethereal audio perceptual experience to the listener, the rhythmical beat seems emulates the beating of the heart.

Standout tracks include already released single ‘The Prize’, featuring Bridgette Amofah of Rudimental, that marries her vocals with Harley’s, making it seem like the two voices meld together, and ‘Selfish’ containing Harley’s vocals sandwiched between a steady-paced high energy track. Other highlights on the album include ‘Fickle Gods’ which reminds me of the music of 8-bit video games, and ‘The Devil You Know’, whose use of steady sustained piano chords provides a rhythmical base to Harley’s vocals and harmonies that pick up pace during a chorus which showcases the brass instruments.

The self-titled album The Kite String Tangle will be released on the 14th of July. You can pre-order it here.



Review by Addy Fong.