Video Premiere: Lazer Blades – Heartbreaker

We’re excited to today bring you the premiere of the new video from Melbourne’s Lazer Blades.

In case you aren’t up to date with Lazer Blades, here’s the scoop. The band is comprised of Lee Byfieldt, Jacob Bradley and Dio Nugroho, who came together as a trio in 2016 to blend synth-heavy pop inspired hooks, John Carpenter-esque basslines and funky guitars to form an unmistakably nostalgic trip into the future.

Lazer Blades are currently hard at work on their debut studio album, which is due to land later this year and, as an appetite-whetter, have dropped new single ‘Heartbreaker’. The track is a synth-pop adventure which tells the tale of star-crossed lovers at the end of their journey and explores what it means to find yourself alone.

“The etchings of a broken heart and confused soul were the driving forces behind this track. It came at a time when I was dealing with the end of a longterm relationship,” says Jacob Bradley. “The lyrics are fairly self-evident but one thing I wanted to convey in the chorus is the idea of when a relationship ends, having that sense of not only having lost that person, but giving up so much of who you are and now trying to come to terms with this new self and what that person you loved now means to you.”

Check out the video here…

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