Getting to know Black Cab

Black Cab drop their new record 明 (Akira) soon. It’s an album of dark, atmospheric electronica inspired by some of the Japanese sci-fi greats: Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Evangelion. We asked the band to tell us about themselves:

We are Melbourne group Black Cab. We write esoteric albums with vague themes. We used to use guitars. Now we like drums and electronic noises. We’ve released five albums in 13 years, often with odd but strangely interesting themes (the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, 1970’s/’80’s East Germany, the disastrous Rolling Stones’ Altamont Concert in 1969)

明 (Akira) is a soundtrack to the greatest Japanese sci-fi anime movie that you’ve not yet seen, and in fact doesn’t yet exist. You can write and direct it inside your mind. Don’t hold back.

Our upcoming tour will be a great way to see how Japanese taiko drums can co-exist with dark, electronic music and spooky found sounds. The Japanese taiko is a fearsome beastie of a drum, and we loved writing music for it. Can’t wait to play these sounds live.

Home is anywhere the music is.

We spend too much time not writing new Black Cab stuff – Akira was yet another opportunity to procrastinate for another year. Beyond Akira a proper new Cab album is in the works written with GL superstar drummer Graeme Pogson. It’ll be ‘rad’ (as those young kids say).

We’ve never got lost in an Istanbul gay bar, but we’re willing to try anything at least twice.

It might surprise people to learn that my undergraduate degree was in Fashion Design. And I’m the second least fashionable person in Black Cab.

In the future all things are possible. Jet packs for everyone.

Catch Black Cab at the following venues…

Brisbane – GOMA Up Late QAGOMA
With special guests TOKO-TON taiko
Part of QAGOMA’s ‘Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe’ exhibition
Buy tickets (includes gallery access)

Melbourne – Howler
with special guests Toshi Sakamoto, Simona
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Sydney – Oxford Arts Factory / LTR ON
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Interview by Bobby Townsend. CD Duplication by Implant Media