Maya Payne’s Top 5 Sydney Spaces

Maya Payne’s new single ‘Something We Once Knew’ has been blowing up, featuring in Spotify’s Aus ‘Viral 50’ and ‘New Pop Sounds’ playlists. Having recently moved from NZ to Sydney, we asked her to talk us through her favourite places in the city:

My Top 5 Sydney Spaces – by Maya Payne

I think Sydney is a great place to be as a musician, there are heaps of music venues, writers/producers to work with, events/gigs to go to & workshops. There are workshops for pretty much anything, which I think is really cool. I love having lots of things to do and see and it’s only a short flight away from places like Melbourne. I’m excited to check out the summer festivals here and hopefully play them sometime too! ♡

I haven’t explored as much as I want to yet but these are a few places I’ve stumbled upon so far.

Mary’s Burgers in Newtown

This is my favourite. When I first came to Sydney my producer Chris had Mary’s burgers delivered to the studio. Then it became a thing that we’d get it every session we had… so bad but so goood! The Newtown bar is really cool too, there’s art all over the walls and loud rock n roll music.

The Baxter Inn Whisky Bar

My flatmates took me here, it’s down a dark alley that leads to an underground basement. It’s an intimate saloon-style whisky bar, everything is really vintage with I loved.

Shelly Beach

We walked here on the weekend from Manly, walking past little ocean pools, colourful houses and cafes, I felt like I was somewhere in Greece.

The not so secret Wendy’s secret garden

I discovered this garden when I came to visit before I moved here. I just randomly found it when I was exploring the city.

Hacienda Sydney

I love the view here and their cute pastel furniture. I first went when Vivid Sydney was on and the whole city was covered in different colours.


Maya will be announcing some live shows this month. Keep up to date with all the latest news by following her on Facebook.