Getting to know Caiti Baker

Northern Territories-based solo artist Caiti Baker releases her debut album, Zinc, next week. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am Caiti Baker. I sing, I write and I love to perform. I’m from Karama, Darwin, NT. I roll with the Perambulator & Skinnyfish Families as well as the Bad Apples Squad. The music I make is the result of the extremely eclectic sounds I grew up on, spun with my own weirdness. I’m good at eating BBQ and fried chicken, flying kites and touring. I’m reenergised by the country and my communities that span the nation. I’m a cat whisperer. I love fly clothes, podcasts, TV, movies, comedy and of course music. Just entertain me damnit!

My debut album is called Zinc and I’m so damn proud of it. It’ll be released on October 6. I’ve been told that it’s a genre-blending body of work and I’m just gonna go ahead and agree with that comment. Each song is either based on or has samples of my Dad’s guitar playing, vocals or harmonica playing. After recovering from a 7 year bout of chronic fatigue syndrome and cleaning up some mental health conditions, I quickly found that I had quite an identity crisis. After being in my bubble of numb for so long, I didn’t quite know who I was. So a lot of the album explores identity, ego, relationships and love.

I spend too much time thinking. I’m a ruminator.

I’ve never had a cold beer. I’ve had a sip to know that that shit is not for me. Up until June this year, I had never had a coffee either. Had a short black at 5 in the afternoon and the best thing about it was the smell. Liquid stimulants are definitely not my thing!

It might surprise people to learn that Jay Z called me out twice from the stage at a concert in Brisbane cos he was impressed with my dancing. HAHAHA. He told the crowd that they needed to catch up with me. Haha, there was a video of it on youtube years ago, can’t find it now but I swear it’s true!

In the future I’m just as happy as I am now but I have a few more memories to add to the bank. Also, more bank. Haha! And… more music. I have a back catalogue of songs to get out and I’m always writing so there will definitely be more music coming out that I will then tour.

Caiti’s debut album “Zinc” is out October 6th. Keep up to date with her on Facebook.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend