Video Premiere: Justin Laith – Agung

We’re excited to today premiere the brand new video from Justin Laith.

Agung is the debut single from the singer, rapper, actor and multi-instrumentalist, who was born in the USA and is based out of Bruny Island, Tasmania and Wollongong. Blending an affinity for lyrics and rhythm with his emotionally charged melodic singing, Laith’s upbeat and catchy party-track takes you on a journey through his mind and welcomes you into his lifestyle and world.

Having crossed over from vocals in metal/hardcore/punk band, Mary Jane Kelly, in order to explore a new expression of himself through electronic music, he has been working closely with Orlando-based producers Anonymass and The Avengerz. Through this collaboration, he weaves a lyrical landscape through dark and light, heavy and soft, clean and gritty.

“I grew up playing clarinet, so some of my favourite music is classical, but then on the other hand I also spent a lot of time in the heavy music scene screaming in a hardcore band, I think that’s where my love for juxtaposing heavy and soft comes from, that and I’m always looking to evolve as an artist, so I want to try as many different sounds as I can without restriction.”

Check out Agung, below and if you like what you hear/see, keep up to date with Justin on his website.

Agung is available now at all digital music stores & streaming services.