Getting to Know Heaps Good Friends

Heaps Good Friends have just released their new single ‘I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s’ and announced their anticipated debut EP, Hug Me. We asked Emma from the band to tell us more:

We are… HEAPS GOOD FRIENDS! And we are also actually quite good friends, Dan, Nick, Emma are the names, Here’s an acrostic poem about each of us to help you get to know us a little better;

Does nice things for everyone, especially strangers
A Vegan
Never fails to make us laugh

Never ceases to think of you if you’re in a car w/ him at a gas station; (he’ll buy you a lil somethin’ somethin’)
Is a great dancer
Can give the best hugs ever
Kills at making vegetarian dishes

Extremely good at Tony Hawk’s pro skater 2
Made brownies once in her life last week.
Murders guitar solos
Always up for a boogie

“I Could Eat A Whole Packet of Yo Yo’s” is… A song about dancing! and eating… and needing to wee but there’s just too much good things going on!!! Emma used to hate dancing publicly, then met this girl named Monica in Ottawa who danced like a crazy person and Em thought “I can do that” now it’s a favourite past time. Also, we love food. Lots of food. Yo Yo’s are a type of biscuit only available in SA we believe, thanks Arnott’s.

Home is… pyjamas at your best buddies house, or staying up all night playing Zelda on N64, or falling asleep in the passenger seat as Nick drives us home, or, a lie on the beach… But Also, Adelaide/Port Pirie, SA.

We spend too much time…
Nick = looking up different Synths on Youtube.
Emma = listening to Wrestling podcasts.
Dan = trying to look for a bunch of fluff in his belly button, he digs too deep and accidentally stumbles into the matrix where he is greeted by several lovely people, but hostile nonetheless, and they convince him to join their bbq, it’s tricky because he has to turn down the offer because of his dietary choices, anyway… in the belly button party, he gets far too lost, he makes it out somehow. and then he decides that picking his nose is way better, so he’s just gunna stick to that.

We’ve never… Birthed twins.

It might surprise people to learn that… Nick has a 3rd nipple. … on his toe.
Nah joking. It might surprise you to learn that we record all our songs In Nick’s back room which was converted into a studio. Nick is a smarty pants like that.

In 2018, we hope to… RELEASE OUT DEBUT EP “HUG ME”! Each coming with a free hug.
I’m talking side hug, I’m talking A frame, I’m talking nervous sweaty-guy hover hug.

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.