Getting to Know Tammy Haider

Melbourne songwriter Tammy Haider has recently released her debut solo album, The One. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am Tammy. I am a songwriter and musician and my musical identity was formed for the most part by my one and only band thus far, Royalchord. I learnt alot about making music, making albums and touring whilst in Royalchord and am now going it alone. That said I do have a band who add all the right light and shade to my songs and I have just released my debut album, “The One”.

“The One” is an exploration into the transitory nature of relationships in both a singular and plural sense, and how the focus can shift depending on where you are at. It’s about searching for what feels right within yourself whether you are alone or with someone. I was questioning the allure of being in a relationship when I wrote most of these songs whilst also desperately needing to connect to something outside of me but not wanting to lose myself in whatever “that” was. “The One” is about staying true to yourself and holding out for the right thing. It is an exercise in observation, mostly of myself in relation to others.

Home is Australia. I’ve travelled a lot in my life and lived in Toronto for 8 months and Berlin for 4 years, which was great but in my heart I always knew my place was here. I feel strange and out of sorts when I don’t hear birds in the morning and summer isn’t long and hot.

I spend too much time obsessing about food and what will I eat next. Reading a menu with food I like on it is one of my favourite things ever.

My upcoming residency at The Tote will be uplifting. Come witness the many moods of Tammy.

It might surprise people to learn that my parents are deaf. My grandpa always loves telling me about the first time he came over to our house and how startled I looked when he started talking to me.

In 2018, I hope to spend more time making music and playing shows with my band. I am looking forward to writing some new tunes over summer.


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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.