Video Premiere: Josh Reck – Throwing Love Away

We’re excited to today premiere the new video from Josh Reck. Entitled Throwing Love Away, it is the second track from his debut EP, Story Teller.

In case you aren’t aware of Josh, here’s the history lesson… In 2017 he released his debut pop single, Commitment. Just a month later, love ballad Proud followed. Then, he unleashed his five-track debut EP, Story Teller.

Throwing Love Away is a power ballad, complete with big drums, organ and a deep love story with evocative melodies and lyrics. Its video is based around the concept of, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

Of the song, Josh says, “Throwing Love Away was a song that I always knew would be on my first album. It’s a song that has a special place in my heart because it’s a true story. It’s so real and raw when you listen closely, there’s so much within the lyrics and the emotions on the record. I’ll never forget in the studio on day one of the song, all the components were there but something was missing. We sat there for about an hour before the organ came to mind, and in that moment when we added it in the chorus, the song became what I imagined it could be.”

Josh is currently in the process of recording new music and there’ll be some upcoming shows announced soon too. Keep up to date with with all the latest news on his Facebook page.

‘Throwing Love Away’ is out now on all good digital stores.