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Garish Hearts is uniquely Sydney

The debut feature from production company Ruin Films is Garish Hearts, an absurdist melodrama featuring many familiar Sydney faces and locations; distorted through the peculiar lens of Jay Cruikshank and Angela Garrick. The film… Read More

Interview: Drunk Mums hit the road

We can say with some authority that Drunk Mums, the Cairns-turned-Melbourne garage punk-wits, are quite possibly the nicest band ever. In addition to writing catchy lo-fi bangers, drawing local and international attention and putting… Read More

How To Survive A Shit Office Job

Every idealistic youth takes a pre-poverty line vow to avoid the mire of corporate employment. But mounting living-costs keep the gears of the office world churning, and burnt-out idealism turns into “smart-casual” and… Read More

Things that shouldn’t be awesome but are

Last week, we told you the things that shouldn’t annoy us but absolutely do. To counterbalance this and to illustrate that our contributors aren’t merely a bunch of miseries/moaners/haters, here’s a collection of… Read More

Gooch Palms & Palms – Music Interview

The announcement of Palms and The Gooch Palms playing a double headline tour was met by us with teen girlish excitement. We’re swooning for the sweet combo of Palms’ sweetly sardonic, 90‘s inspired garage pop and The… Read More

Something You Said’s best songs of 2013

Having already brought you the year’s best longplayers and films, now it’s time for’s Top 20 Songs of 2013, as voted for by our team of contributors. Here are the tracks that… Read More

Something You Said’s best albums of 2013

What a fantastic year it’s been for music. So many quality longplayers have visited our ears! Here’s’s Top 20, as voted for by our team of contributors (and stay tuned over the… Read More

Sydney’s best songs of 2013…

In the build-up to revealing its songs, albums, films and television shows of the year, Bianca Cornale gets us in the mood by offering up her personal selection of best tunes from… Read More

Music: Free Rainbow Chan Remix!

Backseat your bummer vibes and take a listen to Nick Zinner’s remix of Haircut by Rainbow Chan. You’ll be well on the way to busting public dance-moves and bad-bitching curious onlookers. The Sydney savant of… Read More

Live Review: Gooch Palms in Sydney

The Newcastle aficionados of punk and punk stage antics – Gooch Palms – have been making memorable impressions on unsuspecting audiences for a few years now. With a live set which is known… Read More

Art: Lexi Land’s Illuminating Darkness

We recently checked out Lexi Land’s new exhibition, Illuminating Darkness, a mixed media exploration of life, death and self with a sensuously eery edge. Upon entering the gallery space, audience members were given… Read More

Live Review: FBi Turns 10 in Sydney

To celebrate its ten-year anniversary on the airwaves, Sydney’s forefront independent music station FBi threw one hell of a birthday party. With over thirty acts on the bill, FBi transformed the Carriageworks performance… Read More