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Frank Turner, Positive Songs for Negative People

Positive Songs for Negative People is the awaited sixth full-length album from UK punk poet Frank Turner. The album is a whole lot of everything, if that makes sense? The massive 22 track… Read More

Music review: Kučka, Unconditional EP’s Rhosian Woolridge explains why Kučka shouldn’t be considered Australia’s version of FKA Twigs: In my humble opinion, (the girl from the video) FKA Twigs was a high contender for the best act… Read More

Album review: Wilco, Star Wars

Chicago-based Wilco just released a free-to-download album. Adrian Pedić gives his opinion: There’s a lot to be said about Wilco releasing a new album completely out of the blue, with a novel name and… Read More

Wilco’s Star Wars – an alternative view

We recently reviewed the new LP from Wilco. You can read our positive reaction here. However, it turns out not all of our team are quite as keen. Here’s Matt Lengren’s tongue-in-cheek (and entirely imaginary) interview with… Read More

Track by Track with Dear Plastic

Melbourne-based five-piece Dear Plastic recently released their critically-acclaimed debut album, “The Thieves Are Babes” on vinyl. So we thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask them to talk us through it, track… Read More

Album Review: The Orb, Moonbuilding 2703 AD

The Orb’s most recent offering Moonbuilding 2703 AD pioneers through circuitries of electronic music to stimulate and rewire the brain. The album is a wonderfully composed sample of life and all that is… Read More

Music review: Japanese Wallpaper

The latest release from Japanese Wallpaper is a five-track, self-titled debut EP which triumphantly marks the transition the young Aussie has made from bedroom producer to 2015’s hottest electronic artist. 18-year-old Gab Strum,… Read More

New Music: Check out CRISTALLIN’s Kaya Strehler points you in the direction of some sounds from Switzerland: I previously wrote about the high level of music being created within the tidy little borders of Switzerland and brought your… Read More

Review: We All Want To, The Haze

The opening moments of The Haze set the pace nicely: “Eileen Afternoon” introduces the album with an irresistible riff, while the song slowly builds to its post-chorus release. It introduces listeners to the fuzz-driven… Read More

Review: Seth Sentry – Strange New Past

Australian hip-hop artist Seth Sentry is back with a different vibe for his new longplayer, Strange New Past. It’s a mind-boggle. There’s a creative mixture of the classic cheekiness Sentry encompasses, as well… Read More

Album review: Jamie xx – In Colour

In Colour, the surreal debut from Jamie xx, is simply incandescent to the ears. It is animalistic. Rhythmic. Perhaps a kaleidoscopic representation of modern British dance. But most importantly, it establishes Jamie Smith… Read More

Album Review: Max Gowan – Big People

Incoming sensation Max Gowan makes the most of his 18 years of experience on this Earth with his debut longplayer, Big People. His songs shine at the seams with an inexpressible youthfulness, and… Read More