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Interview: UK-based artist SNUB23

In his first interview of 2014, renowned UK-based artist SNUB23 speaks to’s 25ThC about himself, his work and the future: Who are you? I’m still trying to work that out myself, if… Read More

Getting to Know Chloe Coles

Australia-based model, artist, writer and serious gherkin-enthusiast Chloe Coles tells us about training for the Olympics, arguing with her biggest fan (her Mum) and getting run over: I am a walking disaster. A mix between… Read More

Getting to Know Anabella López

Carol Bowditch learns about the art world in Argentina with the free-spirited, nature-loving creative, Anabella López.  I am Anabella López. I am an illustrator, graphic designer and also a dancer. I am from Buenos Aires,… Read More

Getting to Know Rose Ashton

Sydney-based artist and model Rose Ashton talks to about fundamentalism, art, communes, joke-telling and boobs: I am doing my best to be the best human I can. As I grow I look back… Read More

Estela Cuadro – Art Interview’s Carol Bowditch spoke to Argentinian artist, Estela Cudaro about the art scene in Buenos Aires, her artistic idols and what she’s got in store for 2014.  Tell us a bit about yourself.… Read More

Interview: Betty Grumble, love & anger

Oliver Heath talks to Emma Maye, better known as Australian “obscene beauty queen and surreal showgirl” and all-round provocateur, Betty Grumble. Just in time for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebration that takes over Sydney… Read More

Art Interview: Modern Panic’s James Elphick

A unique collection of today’s foremost surreal, controversial & provocative international artists and live art’s practitioners comes to London for Modern Panic. Something You Said’s 25ThC caught up with  James Elphick, the curator of… Read More

Interview: Getting to know Olivia Luccardi

You might have seen Olivia Luccardi delivering an epically acerbic performance in Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based actress to find out about her experiences on the show and what she’s… Read More

Six things that scare Jesse Willesee

He’s presenting Sydney’s craziest Halloween party again this year – complete with a multi-level interactive haunted house packed with an asylum full of bloody murderers, hip-hop witches and twerking zombies on the prowl.… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Lauren Webster catches up with Lauren Webster, a young creative type from Sydney, working under the alias of Lauren & The Lost Boys. She delves in art-making, styling and blogging and is excited to… Read More

Marc Janus connects in a different way

I met Madrid-based painter, Marc Janus, while travelling in Panama. Marc is the kind of person that inspires you to want to make yourself more interesting and to interact with people in a different… Read More

Ariel is ready to make noise again

Marcus Thaine has a chat with Ariel about Dampvamp, art and her new band, Firesaint:  Sydney’s Lauren Ariel Sexton-Shaw, otherwise known by the mononym Ariel, exudes a kind of creative magnetism that is hard… Read More