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Live Review: MONA FOMA, part two

Chloe Mayne concludes her two-part review of Tasmania-based festival, MONA FOMA: I became somewhat nocturnal and culinarily confused over the ensuing days of MONA FOMA. I developed a habit of eating my breakfast… Read More

Photography: David Lynch’s Small Stories

Neika Lehman reviews the current photographic exhibition from surrealist movie director and visual artist, David Lynch, in Paris: “Still images can contain stories. Mostly, still images contain small stories. And, as it happens, sometimes… Read More

Live Review: MONA FOMA, part one’s Chloe Mayne checks out MONA FOMA, an annual festival based in Tasmania: I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you’ve all heard of MoMA , the elegant New York governess of… Read More

Sloth Society: Tales from the Tea Room

Sloth Society is an art collective that have been jointly creating incredible pieces for approximately two years; having met at design college and discovering common ground in music, their artistic drive, inspirations and… Read More

Art review: Sculpture by the Sea’s Jess Matthews checks out some artwork at the beach: Just as synonymous with Sydney as tans, coconut water and Bikram yoga and our love of the outdoors is the annual Sculpture by… Read More

Art: Venice and the Biennale’s Carol Bowditch checked out the 55th incarnation of the Biennale in Italy’s watery city: The romance of a city drowned in water, with neat winding lanes, no cars and chocolate shops in excess had initially… Read More

Art: Lexi Land’s Illuminating Darkness

We recently checked out Lexi Land’s new exhibition, Illuminating Darkness, a mixed media exploration of life, death and self with a sensuously eery edge. Upon entering the gallery space, audience members were given… Read More

An Afternoon of Underbelly Arts’s Elfy Scott ventured on an art adventure to Sydney’s Cockatoo Island: Underbelly Arts Festival was conceived six years ago as an experimental amalgamation of Sydney artists; it aimed to lure them out… Read More

Three-D Exhibition at Boxbird gallery

With so much modern art and illustration existing only in a digital space, an exhibition that celebrates the hand-held, carefully crafted and painstakingly created is a lovely thing to see. It’s good for… Read More

Brighton Festival & House art preview

As a self-confessed luddite, I sometimes struggle with the language of art. I find it difficult to separate the genuine sentiment from the bullshit. So, usually, when an artist states something like, “Wallpaper… Read More

Anish Kapoor at The MCA, Sydney

A selfie takers delight, or a surreal trip of perspective and space?  Carol Bowditch went to Anish Kapoor’s much hyped exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to find out what… Read More


Alice Parsons gets her skates on and comes up with some pretty-frickin-awesome illustrations for If, like me, your only encounter with the world of Roller Derby has been watching ‘Whip It’, you… Read More