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Magnificent Obsessions exhibition is curious

Alice Parsons considers the nature of collections when visiting the latest exhibition at London’s Barbican: I went to see the ‘Magnificent Obsessions’ exhibition at the Barbican. This is a series of rooms filled with the… Read More

Mutation and Mutilation: MONA FOMA 2015

Seven Sunny Summers of Mutation and Mutilation.’s Neika Lehman looks back on MONA FOMA 2015: MONA FOMA is the exception to the unofficial rule of music and arts festivals: the art is as… Read More

Dark Mofo 2014: Encores and Apologies

Neika Lehman spent two extraordinary weeks at Tasmania-based festival, Dark Mofo: It’s been just over a week since the conclusion of Hobart’s second Dark Mofo festival. The music and arts festival runs for two… Read More

Art: Tove Jansson and the Moomin

Alice Parsons does some self-initiated research into Tove Jansson, the Finnish illustrator and Artist who created the ever-popular Moomin: I’ve been a fan of Tove Jansson’s distinctive style for a while; always able to… Read More

Art: HOUSE 2014 discusses immigration

HOUSE, Brighton’s celebrated festival of visual art and domestic space, kicks-off today and was fortunate enough to preview all of the awesomeness on display before its doors opened to the public. With an… Read More

Live Review: MONA FOMA, part two

Chloe Mayne concludes her two-part review of Tasmania-based festival, MONA FOMA: I became somewhat nocturnal and culinarily confused over the ensuing days of MONA FOMA. I developed a habit of eating my breakfast… Read More

Photography: David Lynch’s Small Stories

Neika Lehman reviews the current photographic exhibition from surrealist movie director and visual artist, David Lynch, in Paris: “Still images can contain stories. Mostly, still images contain small stories. And, as it happens, sometimes… Read More

Live Review: MONA FOMA, part one’s Chloe Mayne checks out MONA FOMA, an annual festival based in Tasmania: I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you’ve all heard of MoMA , the elegant New York governess of… Read More

Sloth Society: Tales from the Tea Room

Sloth Society is an art collective that have been jointly creating incredible pieces for approximately two years; having met at design college and discovering common ground in music, their artistic drive, inspirations and… Read More

Art review: Sculpture by the Sea’s Jess Matthews checks out some artwork at the beach: Just as synonymous with Sydney as tans, coconut water and Bikram yoga and our love of the outdoors is the annual Sculpture by… Read More

Art: Venice and the Biennale’s Carol Bowditch checked out the 55th incarnation of the Biennale in Italy’s watery city: The romance of a city drowned in water, with neat winding lanes, no cars and chocolate shops in excess had initially… Read More

Art: Lexi Land’s Illuminating Darkness

We recently checked out Lexi Land’s new exhibition, Illuminating Darkness, a mixed media exploration of life, death and self with a sensuously eery edge. Upon entering the gallery space, audience members were given… Read More