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Jesse Willesee’s Haunted Hotel

Jesse Willesee of 700 Photos fame is back with another cool project, a five level interactive art party at Sydney’s Kings Cross Hotel. And get ready to be spooked cos it falls right… Read More

The Harvest Parade

Brisbane’s upcoming Harvest Festival has asked a bunch of super awesome babes to create an arse-kicking, roving parade of beauty and colour to dazzle the festival fields… but they need your help. The… Read More

Stuff White People Like and a bit that they don’t

Harriet Cheney went to Newcastle for TiNA and Sound Summit:  I hit the road later than I had hoped to, because I was writing questions for an interview. Luckily, that meant that I… Read More

Angelo Kehagias takes you to another world

We love a good art exhibition at Something You Said. Truth be told, we don’t mind a bad one so long as we can have a couple of glasses of complimentary wine while… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Sara Grabek

Model and artist Sara Grabek talks to Something You Said about music, her inspirations and her big plans for the future: I’d say I am a dreamer. And a bit of a hippy… Read More

Lister paints a mural at blank_space gallery

Oliver Heath films Lister and talks about Lovelace: I had the chance to follow up my video of Lister getting up in LA and this time catch him painting a mural at our friend… Read More

Alice’s adventures in screen printing

Alice Parsons (who designed the Something You Said banner up there), had a go at screen printing. Here’s her account of it: I wasn’t exactly sure what Screen Printing was, but I have… Read More

PASSOUT: The art of getting fall down drunk

Jesse Willesee is known for live art shows that both defy the norm and are in some ways indefinable: always for one night only, always with a focus on being interactive, always with… Read More

Karl Haglund interview

Neil Martin has a chat with Karl Haglund about guitars and art: Karl Haglund is an artist based in Charles City, Iowa. He specialises in cityscapes, abstracts and more recently he has been turning heads… Read More

Suddenly It’s Just Fucking Happening

THE ANATOMY OF AN ART SHOW or Suddenly You’re Standing in the Middle of the Room and It’s Just Fucking Happening, by Marta Jary The night I met Jesse Willesee he was slumped… Read More

Seven Hundred Photos

We went along to 700 Photos, Sydney’s largest live art event, where artists, fashion designers & bands worked together to turn the seven hotel rooms above Sydney’s iconic Darlo Bar into live fashion photo shoots. Everyone… Read More

Getting To Know… Bridie Connell

Bridie Connell tells us about art and go-go dancing: Art is my job. I make art, I write about art, I curate art exhibitions, I’m on the board of an artist-run-initiative and I… Read More