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Olly interviews Nathan Roche

In the lead-up to the upcoming Sydney Writer’s Festival, I figured I should interview an author. None of those PR circuit bookclub whores though. They’ll be busy with their teacake and ABC roundtables.… Read More

Book review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Angela Haffenden considers the latest offering from Stephen King: The master of horror writers finally presents us with the sequel to The Shining. If you’ve ever seen the iconic film with the fabulous… Read More

Book Review: Jay Stringer, Lost City

The final part of Jay Stringer’s trilogy of Eoin Miller novels (the previous two were Old Gold and Runaway Town) is yet another excellent example of, what Stringer himself calls, “social pulp” fiction.… Read More

Dating, non-responses and Nathaniel P

Something You Said’s Elaina Ransford explains that everyone knows Nathaniel: Remember that awesome scene in Midnight in Paris when the Hemingway character says that he knows he’ll hate the main character’s book because… Read More

Runaway Town ups the stakes

Runaway Town is the second novel from Jay Stringer, whom I’ve previously had the pleasure of interviewing. It’s the follow-up to his blistering debut Old Gold and continues the adventures of part-Romani ex-cop… Read More

Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction!

Fact-of-the-day: In New York City, the law allows toplessness by both men and women. This is good news for the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, who meet up to do their al… Read More

Ryan Davis and the criminal underground

27 is the cracking debut novel from Ryan Davis, a rock’n’roll crime thriller set in the dingy world of the criminal underground of Birmingham, in England’s West Midlands. Jim Vale, aka Jimmy Tyrant, is the… Read More

This Place is Yours launches at Vivid

This Place Is Yours launches as part of Vivid Sydney this week. Founded by Sydney-based 28-year-old writer and social entrepreneur, Seraphina Reynolds, the new media project aims to combat stigma and enhance empathy and… Read More

Emerging Writers’ Festival: Our tips

Jess O’Callaghan gives you the heads up on some potential highlights from the upcoming Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne, which kicks off this week: Tucked into Melbourne’s lanes, libraries, and town halls, the… Read More

Get The Sunday Papers… live!

We’ve been showering The Secret Garden Party with affection since forever because we love their awesome festival and because they keep coming up with other amazing ideas. Like this one. They’ve joined forces… Read More

Something You Said’s Year in Books

Our resident book expert, Jess O’Callaghan, gives you the heads up on what you should have been reading this year: A year in books is always hard to write. Everyone’s year in books… Read More

Thank you Bryce Courtenay

Kaya Strehler makes her Something You Said debut by paying tribute to an author and legend: If you are unaware of who Bryce Courtenay is, hang your head in shame. IN SHAME, I SAY.… Read More