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Man on a train, by Chloe Coles

Last week’s interview with Australia-based model/artist/writer Chloe Coles proved so popular that we decided to invite her to contribute on a regular basis. So stay tuned for more of her words and pictures.… Read More

Things that shouldn’t be awesome but are

Last week, we told you the things that shouldn’t annoy us but absolutely do. To counterbalance this and to illustrate that our contributors aren’t merely a bunch of miseries/moaners/haters, here’s a collection of… Read More

#kalelife: Signs you’re turning into a fuckwit

If knowledge is power, communication inspires interactivity and with affluence comes choice, then living in the privileged, overly commodified and cluttered world that we do is leading us all down the same path… Read More

China and its little absurdities – Guangzhou

It’s hard to feel culture-shock when you come from a country as multicultural as Australia. I still don’t think that’s an ethnocentrically obnoxious claim to make, which is why, from the floor of the… Read More

Thoughts on being here and now

Lisa Says is currently playing serious catch-up with popular culture, but wonders if staying up-to-date is worth the required effort: All yesterday’s parties. Things that happened in 2013 and everybody knew about except me…… Read More

Interview: Betty Grumble, love & anger

Oliver Heath talks to Emma Maye, better known as Australian “obscene beauty queen and surreal showgirl” and all-round provocateur, Betty Grumble. Just in time for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebration that takes over Sydney… Read More

Valentine’s Bedroom Musical Mishaps

Tom Spooner helps us avoid embarrassment this Valentine’s Day by advising us on definite musical no-no’s in the bedroom: When it comes to setting the mood for a night of romantic nudge-nudge wink-winking… Read More

Review: The Future Sound of Yoga’s Sonia Clarke attempts to navigate her way around a “Yoga Rave”. Yikes: O Sydney, you glossy harlot! Resplendent in sand and harbour, glittering and glistening in obscene sunshine, filled with the beautiful… Read More

Interview: Burlesque Dancer, Porcelain Alice

Meet Porcelain Alice, a theatrical burlesque dancer from Sydney who seduces with old school charm on stage while wearing her own designs: Could you describe what ‘theatrical burlesque’ is to someone that is… Read More

A tale of two bibliophiles’s Elaina Ransford considers the pros and cons of dating a writer: As someone who has more books than clothes, gets almost every reference from Gilmore Girls, and has a twitter handle that’s… Read More

Simone Kerr: a catch-up interview

We last spoke to Australia-based, international model/dancer/designer Simone Kerr when she was about to launch Balletto Body, her collection of dance and active wear. Now that Balletto Body is up and running, we thought we’d… Read More

Travel: European Couch surfing in pictures’s Koren Helbig crashes on couches of Eastern-European strangers: It’s remarkable where in the world one can end up after firing off only the barest of emails. The wonders of the internet have… Read More