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Interview: photographer Lisa Tomasetti

Award-winning stills photographer Lisa Tomasetti currently has an exhibition in Sydney, entitled “The Australian Ballet on the International Stage.” Addy Fong has a chat to her:  Hey Lisa. Congratulations on your exhibition. It’s on from… Read More

Holler And Haul Bring The Carnival

Blossoming from the back of a converted ’68 Dodge, Holler and Haul is a travelling carnival that’s bringing lashings of entertainment/good times/great tunes to an Australian backyard near you: The sun sets upon the… Read More

Our Sydney Festival picks for 2015

After much scrutiny,’s Harriet Cheney tells us the most unmissable events at the upcoming Sydney Festival: It’s hard to beat Sydney in January; you’ve got the beach, the cricket, Australia Day barbies and… Read More

Hofesh Shechter’s Sun – Dance Review

Something You Said’s Carol Bowditch checks out Hofesh Shechter’s latest contemporary dance production.  We are told that everything will be just fine, we are shown the ending at the beginning for the reassurance that the… Read More

Interview: Betty Grumble, love & anger

Oliver Heath talks to Emma Maye, better known as Australian “obscene beauty queen and surreal showgirl” and all-round provocateur, Betty Grumble. Just in time for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebration that takes over Sydney… Read More

Review: The Future Sound of Yoga’s Sonia Clarke attempts to navigate her way around a “Yoga Rave”. Yikes: O Sydney, you glossy harlot! Resplendent in sand and harbour, glittering and glistening in obscene sunshine, filled with the beautiful… Read More

Interview: Burlesque Dancer, Porcelain Alice

Meet Porcelain Alice, a theatrical burlesque dancer from Sydney who seduces with old school charm on stage while wearing her own designs: Could you describe what ‘theatrical burlesque’ is to someone that is… Read More

Simone Kerr: a catch-up interview

We last spoke to Australia-based, international model/dancer/designer Simone Kerr when she was about to launch Balletto Body, her collection of dance and active wear. Now that Balletto Body is up and running, we thought we’d… Read More

Aurora Galore has passion and drive has a conversation with Winner of Miss Paris Burlesque Festival 2012, Aurora Galore:  It isn’t often that you encounter somebody who you know in an instant will be able to change your life… Read More

Simone Kerr’s Balletto Body chats to Simone Kerr about her exciting new ballet/clothing project, her current favourite records and her hidden culinary skills: Hello Simone, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us… Read More

We go dancing with Flying Steps

Last month, World champion breakdance crew Flying Steps went to Australia for Red Bull Flying Bach, which fused their cool dance style with the elegant music of 18th century composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. While… Read More

Antony Hamilton joins forces

Antony Hamilton is a choreographer whose work is hard to pin down in that it unhinges the traditional cultural narrative of western dance as an art form. He has created works for the… Read More