19. 09. 2014
Ashley Smith Galore

Galore’s Bombshells of Summer launch

We’re sorry, but the widely accepted/celebrated prophecy, “there ain’t no party like an S Club party,” is no longer correct. The saying should actually be, “there definitely ain’t no party like a Galore...

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05. 05. 2014
Elle Brittain photo by Simon Cecere

Introducing: Model Elle Brittain

Here at Something You Said, we’re all about introducing up-n-coming new faces, so here’s someone to keep on your radar. Melbourne-based model Elle Brittain was turning heads at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this...

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05. 04. 2014

MBFW Australia 2014: model casting

If you’ve noticed that Sydney is currently awash with intimidatingly tall and insanely beautiful people, it’s because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia gets underway tomorrow. We’ll be covering plenty of the goings-on, so...

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23. 01. 2014

Cybele Malinowski’s Model Maison

Sydney photographer Cybele Malinowski recently launched her exciting new project, Model-Maison, in which she shoots models in their bedrooms. The stunning results act as an insight into the model’s worlds, while still retaining some...

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30. 11. 2013
post 3

Art in Fashion using Post Edit Design

New York-based model, Madeline Kragh, shares some of her current favourite post-edited photos: Modern Retouching Technology. Changing everything. A swish of the mac paintbrush and you can take a regular photo and make it...

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30. 07. 2013
Britany 15

Britany Nola in NYC – Photo Gallery

On the week of Something You Said’s first birthday celebrations, we consider it only fitting that we feature New York-based model and actress, Britany Nola. Britany has written for the site, we’ve interviewed her a couple of...

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22. 08. 2012
Mercedes-Benz Icons of Style

Mercedes-Benz Street Style Pop-up in Sydney

You know when you look at the street-style section of the MX and think, Christ on a bike, I dress way better than all of those losers? Well, here’s your chance to prove...

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29. 06. 2012
Seven Hundred Photos

Seven Hundred Photos

We went along to 700 Photos, Sydney’s largest live art event, where artists, fashion designers & bands worked together to turn the seven hotel rooms above Sydney’s iconic Darlo Bar into live fashion photo shoots. Everyone...

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23. 06. 2011
Lovecat Magazine - Reigniting your love of the printed page

Lovecat – Reignites your love of printed pages

Everyone keeps telling us that print is a dead medium. Why would anybody walk into a shop and buy a magazine when they can just see it all on their laptop, ipad or...

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04. 06. 2011
Brighton Fashion Week - Roadkill Couture Wows Crowd!

Roadkill Couture!

Following the Success of Thursday’s Brighton Frocks show at St Martin’s Church, Brighton Fashion Week returned to the same venue the following night for the Couture show. While it’s hard to believe any...

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03. 06. 2011
Brighton Fashion Week - Brighton Frocks Show

Brighton Frocks 2011

The Brighton Frocks show is always the beating heart of Brighton Fashion Week and, with designers Charlotte Appleby, Afton Ayache, Former Glory, Briar Rose Kelleher, Katie Newsam, Bugsy Pants, Sarina Poppy, I. Am....

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01. 06. 2011
Brighton Fashion Week VIP Launch Party

Brighton Fashion Week’s VIP Launch Party

To be honest, you’ll find us at the opening of an envelope, so when we were invited to spend an evening in the company of Brighton’s most beautiful and fashionable, we jumped at...

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