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Stance Socks showcase their new range

Last week, contributor Rose Ashton created a live art installation to help Stance Socks showcase the latest range of socks. So we thought that was reason enough to bring you the a little video from the… Read More

Bondi Hipsters – New fashion ideas

Are you ready for some groundbreaking new directions in men’s farshun? Good, because in this decidedly-nsfw clip (above) the Bondi Hipsters introduce their ideas to reshape the industry. Will the ‘side-ball’ be hot this… Read More

Interview: Burlesque Dancer, Porcelain Alice

Meet Porcelain Alice, a theatrical burlesque dancer from Sydney who seduces with old school charm on stage while wearing her own designs: Could you describe what ‘theatrical burlesque’ is to someone that is… Read More

Fashion: Simone Kerr’s Lip Service

Here at, we love how we’re nestled within a community of creatives. What we love even more is when our friends and contributors collaborate. So imagine our excitement when we found out… Read More

Video: The Joy of PANDORA’s ESSENCE

Joy presents itself in innumerable guises: the embrace of a loved-one, completing the crossword without Google; dancing alone in the kitchen to a song you really shouldn’t love, seeing how unbelievably excited your dog is… Read More

Fashion video: Bless’ed are the Meek

Last week,’s very own Oliver Heath premiered his stunning Bless’ed are the Meek fashion film at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory. The film is a celebration of Bless’ed are the Meek’s Spring/Summer 13/14 collection,… Read More

Fashion Interview: Black Milk Clothing recently caught up with the guys at Black Milk – an Australian fashion label which had humble beginnings in 2009 but has gone on to attain a large, dedicated global fanbase. They… Read More

Epokhe: Surf Culture for a Street Life

As well as creating video clips with scenery to make you drool, Epokhe also make clean, simple, modern eyewear which draws on classic styles and that we are quite taken with. It’s the project… Read More

An Ode to No One

Although he writes wonderful words for Something You Said about his interesting adventures, Sydney’s Oliver Heath is better known for making awesome videos. Music clips, fashion shows, lifestyle stuff… this boy is a… Read More

Brighton Fashion Week – The Video montage

Okay, so I’m a writer by trade, but I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a movie maker. While the less that is said about the “comedy” short I wrote and directed… Read More