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An Ode to No One

Although he writes wonderful words for Something You Said about his interesting adventures, Sydney’s Oliver Heath is better known for making awesome videos. Music clips, fashion shows, lifestyle stuff… this boy is a… Read More

Britany Nola interview – Getting to Know

Bobby Townsend has a chat with model, actress and fellow Something You Said contributor, Britany Nola. You can read his video interview with her by clicking here. Modelling is fun, I suppose. I… Read More

The Miraculous Mundane

Something You Said’s resident fashion expert, Liana Gow-Killingbeck, casts her eye on the latest offering from Romance Was Born: Yeah, so I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on inside the brains of Romance Was… Read More

Brighton Frocks show

Alice Parsons took in the first show at the 2012 Brighton Fashion Week: The 2012 Brighton Fashion Week ‘Catwalk show’ at All Saints Church, Hove, had all the pre-show excitement, anticipation and awesome… Read More

Lover – White Magick

Liana Gow-Killingbeck falls a little in love with the new White Magick collection: Purity. Elegance. Magnificence. If I were to ever find a man crazy enough to walk me down the aisle, then there is… Read More

Ruby Rose talks Fashion Week Australia

To quote David Bowie: “Ooh bop, fashion.” Obviously that’s pretty much gibberish, but what we’re trying to say is that Fashion Week Australia is almost upon us (30 April – 4 May) and… Read More

Tenley Nordstrom interview

Up-and-coming model Tenley Nordstrom has chosen to walk away from the industry. In an honest and open chat, she talks to Somethingyousaid about why she is giving it all up and what’s next:  Modelling has… Read More

Getting To Know… Fanny Quest

I started modelling after somebody came up to me at a party in Germany and asked me if I was interested in it. I went for a test shoot the next day and… Read More

EatonNott launches design boutique

On Saturday night, a select few of us were lucky enough to go to the launch of EatonNott, an interior design boutique and studio in Brighton that caters for those who seek the… Read More

Getting To Know… model Tess Georgia Dimos

As well as being a finalist for the Sussex Model of the Year Award 2011, Tess Georgia Dimos is an all-round lovely human-being. So we thought you’d want to learn a little about… Read More

Lovecat – Reignites your love of printed pages

Everyone keeps telling us that print is a dead medium. Why would anybody walk into a shop and buy a magazine when they can just see it all on their laptop, ipad or… Read More

Brighton Fashion Week – The Video montage

Okay, so I’m a writer by trade, but I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a movie maker. While the less that is said about the “comedy” short I wrote and directed… Read More