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Getting to Know Chloe Coles

Australia-based model, artist, writer, serious gherkin-enthusiast and designer of our banner (above) Chloe Coles tells us about training for the Olympics, arguing with her biggest fan (her Mum) and getting run over: I am… Read More

Australian MBFW 2014: Know Your Designers!

As Fashion Weeks in Paris, London and Stockholm are all but a memory, we gear up Down Under for a fashion week done in a typically-Australian way… a more relaxed affair. Something that… Read More

Model interview: Sally Paton

Kaya Strehler interviews her friend and aesthetic pleasure, Perth-born, London-based model Sally Paton: I thoroughly enjoy good-looking people. And I mean that in the most unshallow way possible. For me it’s like walking… Read More

Getting to know Keely Thurecht

Introducing Brisbane-based model Keely Thurecht. We talk to her about animal welfare, Sex and the City, downward dog and kinda-resembling Iggy Azalea: I am a blonde. Some of the things I do reach… Read More

Getting to Know Rose Ashton

Sydney-based artist and model Rose Ashton talks to about fundamentalism, art, communes, joke-telling and boobs: I am doing my best to be the best human I can. As I grow I look back… Read More

The Rodarte Star Wars themed collection!

Not very long ago in this galaxy, not too far away, Rodarte wowed their New York audience with a stunning Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection which incorporated five gorgeous floor-length gowns exhibiting images from… Read More

Cybele Malinowski’s Model Maison

Sydney photographer Cybele Malinowski recently launched her exciting new project, Model-Maison, in which she shoots models in their bedrooms. The stunning results act as an insight into the model’s worlds, while still retaining some… Read More

Interview: Burlesque Dancer, Porcelain Alice

Meet Porcelain Alice, a theatrical burlesque dancer from Sydney who seduces with old school charm on stage while wearing her own designs: Could you describe what ‘theatrical burlesque’ is to someone that is… Read More

Fashion Interview: Pip Edwards chats to Pip Edwards, Design Director of General Pants Co, a woman who pretty much single-handedly dictates what is worn to every Summer music festival and decider of cool, wearable garb for… Read More

Something You Said’s year in fashion 2013

Liana Gow-Killingbeck considers the highs and lows of the last twelve months in farshun, darling: This year has passed by almost too quickly, even for the fast-paced industry of fashion. It’s flown by… Read More

Interview: Getting To Know Matilda Price talks to Australian model, Matilda Price, about doing dumb dorky shit: I’m a little all over the place and airy but also really self-sufficient. My parents brought me up to be really… Read More

How to fashion blog / instagram

Five simple (and moderately sarcastic) steps to becoming a successful fashion blogger/Instagrammer, by Liana Gow-Killingbeck:
 1. Pose in a Triangl bikini – remember to suck in your thighs so you can show off… Read More