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Anna Broinowski Aims High – Interview

Australia-based filmmaker Anna Broinowski wanted to make a documentary to stop fracking in Sydney Park. Yes, they were trying to mine Sydney Park. She needed to find a way to get her message to… Read More

Sarah Bishop interview by Oliver Heath

Sarah Bishop stars in, and is a producer of, the independent Australian thriller feature ‘Crushed’. She is currently crowd funding to finish post-production. At a time when many “indie” features have multi-million dollar… Read More

Olly interviews Sarah Doyle’s Oliver Heath talks to LA-based Australian writer/director Sarah Doyle: You’re in Sydney with your play Anaconda that premiered to accolades in LA. It was based upon a ritualised sexual assault at a… Read More

Getting to Know Michael Matteo Rossi catches up with the director of ‘Misogynist’, Michael Matteo Rossi (pictured above, centre, with producer Kris Black – right – and Jon Briddell – left – who won Best Actor for the film):… Read More

Interview: Getting to know Olivia Luccardi

You might have seen Olivia Luccardi delivering an epically acerbic performance in Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based actress to find out about her experiences on the show and what she’s… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Jared Cohn

Alongside being the director of Atlantic Rim, Jared Cohn is an actor, writer, producer, photographer, cinematographer and editor. Clever chap. caught up with him to find out more: I am a dreamer. I am… Read More

Sara Malakul Lane – Getting to Know

Having recently appeared in movies ‘Jailbait’, ’12/12/12′ and ’100 Degrees Below Zero’, LA-based model and actress Sara Malakul Lane has been increasingly appearing on our radar lately. We caught up with her and… Read More

Interview: Syd2030′s Tatjana Alexis

When I hear the term “webisode” I feel like I’m watching a babyboomer’s powerpoint presentation on the future of multimedia. Unless I feel like being skullfucked by 3D at the cinema, everything I… Read More

Britany Nola video & interview – Exclusive

I, rather fantastically, recently spent two days holed-up in a Manhattan hotel room with a Playmate and a whole lotta alcohol. Without wishing to disappoint though, this account is neither as salacious nor… Read More

Sydney Film Festival is bigger & better

The 60th Sydney Film Festival launched recently. We caught up with Festival Director Nashen Moodley to find out more: Happy 60th Birthday to Sydney Film Festival! What a milestone. How are you celebrating this in… Read More

Get Tasered at Tropfest this Sunday

With Tropfest happening this weekend, all across Australia, Neika Lehman has a conversation with Matt Bird about being a three-time finalist: In 1993, in a little Sydney café called Tropicana, John Polson decided… Read More

Weaving, Blanchett & Wood talk The Hobbit

We’re off to see a preview of The Hobbit next week, even though it’s at the ungodly hour of 10am (the middle of the night for us) we’re still pretty damn excited about… Read More