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The Hobbit trailer

To celebrate the worldwide Tolkien Week, Warner Bros has debuted the highly-anticipated theatrical trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The first in a trilogy of films adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s popular masterpiece… Read More

Revisiting: David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

Neil Martin explains how he was moulded by Anthrax and David Lynch!  In many ways Blue Velvet is the gateway film for me. It is absolutely the film that showed me the light… Read More

The Spielberg Effect

Golden Lady reminisces about a magical era of film making: Like every reigning king or queen of their craft, writer/director/producer extraordinaire Steven Spielberg has created a canon of work so spectacularly inspirational that no… Read More

Beyond the Black Rainbow

SYS film critic Neil Martin has his brain melted by the debut film from Panos Cosmatos. Will it leave you hating it or putting it in your top 10 list of movies. If you’re… Read More

Golden Lady searches for Sugar Man

Golden Lady checked out Searching For Sugar Man: About 15 years ago I stumbled aimlessly into a record shop in Kings Cross, Sydney. A tiny space filled to the brim with dusty vinyl… Read More

Exclusive Chris O’Dowd interview

Some things we love at Something You Said: Movies, The IT Crowd, soul music and bringing you exclusive stuff. So, how excited do you think we were when we found out we were going to… Read More

Win double passes to see The Sapphires!

Back in the days before those televised talent contests got borrrrring, we were a bit obsessed with Australian Idol. Bobby Flynn made us weak at the knees and, when he was eliminated, we… Read More

Here Are Seven Films You Might Have Missed But That You Have To See

Neil Martin gives you a heads up on some flicks you might not have seen: I watch a hell of a lot of films, at the time of writing I have watched 103… Read More

Britany Nola interview – Getting to Know

Bobby Townsend has a chat with model, actress and fellow Something You Said contributor, Britany Nola. You can read his video interview with her by clicking here. Modelling is fun, I suppose. I… Read More

Where Do We Go Now?

From the creator of Caramel, this is a genuinely charming and inventive film which takes its audience through a spectrum of emotions. The story is thus: In an isolated village, a close-knit group… Read More

Kieran Darcy-Smith turns the pages

“There are two things I really care about when I write something,” Kieran Darcy-Smith says from beneath a baseball cap and over a glass of red wine. “The first thing is I need… Read More

Kill List

Neil Martin, tries to wrap his head around the uncompromising, brutal Kill List:  Ben Wheatley’s much talked about Kill List is a dark, claustrophobic and disorientating journey into hell. It follows the descent… Read More