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Interview: Lisa Langseth wants to do it all

Director Lisa Langseth talks about her creative process, her next movie and about working with Alicia Vikander and Anna Bjelkerud.

Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise

Lee Scratch Perry has just reached the grand old age of 80 and to celebrate, a film following the last 15 years of his life is being released.

Film Review: Rams is full of pathos

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how good it would be to go and see a film about sheep farming in rural Iceland.

Ticket Giveaway: Where to Invade Next

We’re giving away double passes to the new Michael Moore docco, Where to Invade Next, to our Australia-based readers!

Spanish Film Festival ticket giveaway

Wanna get some European cinema in your eyeballs? Well, you’ll be excited to learn that the Spanish Film Festival is heading to Australia.

Film Review: Sherpa tells a tragic tale

This BAFTA nominated documentary looks at the 2014 Everest climbing season. But, my goodness, it does much more than that.

Film Review: A Bigger Splash

Director of the Academy Award-nominated “I am Love”, Luca Guadagnino returns with A Bigger Splash, starring Tilda Swinton.

We’re giving away tickets to The Witch!

In conjunction with Universal Pictures, we’re giving away five in-season double passes to the terrifying new horror film, The Witch.

We’re giving away tickets to Triple 9!

In conjunction with Roadshow Films we’re giving away double passes to exclusive preview screenings of thriller Triple 9

Star Wars at St.George OpenAir Cinema

When Star Wars was released last December, we were so pant-wettingly excited that we had to see it on the opening night.

Gillian Armstrong is overwhelmed

Director Gillian Armstrong has unveiled her most challenging project to date, Australia’s biggest crowdsourced documentary.

Film Review: Spotlight cuts deep

The revelation of truth is always shocking, especially in relation to a story involving the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children.