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Film Review: (T)error breaks your heart

(T)error is a true documentary, and the FBI has no idea that their undercover informant has a documentary crew filming from beginning to end.

Film review: Sixty Six is emotionally-charged

Sixty Six is a compilation of 12 shorts assembled during the years of 2002-2015 by Los Angeles-based artist Lewis Klahr.

Film review: The Keeping Room

Pairing uncertainty resulting from the aftermath of the American Civil War with the fear of being female in a male-dominated world.

Film Review: Jane Got a Gun

Directed by Gavin O’Connor, Jane Got a Gun is a highly stylistic western which draws on elements of the classic western.

Film Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Director Taika Waititi (Boy, What We Do in the Shadows) returns with a new offering and it’s an absolute bloody gem of a film.

Fresh Dressed and Style Wars: A comparison of ages

Addy Fong studies two films from “Essential Independents: American Cinema Now” festival.

Film Review: In Transit is beautiful and intimate

In Transit is a film which documents the ordinary in a way that is both beautiful and intimate. It’s an inviting watch containing a simple premise.

Curator Richard Sowada talks Essential Indies

Addy Fong talks to the curator of “Essential Independents: American Cinema, Now” festival, Richard Sowada, about what’s in store for us.

The lowdown on Sydney Film Festival 2016

Get cosy under the dimmed lights and fall under the magical spell of cinema as you experience new worlds and new perspectives.

The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival – Sydney

The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival is returning to Sydney from Tuesday 24 May and bringing with it a powerful programme of movies.

Film review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is a film which makes you realise that it doesn’t matter if you are more or less talented then those around you.

Getting To Know Mary Neely

LA-based writer, actress and filmmaker Mary Neely talks to us about catastrophic events, gaming and her weird obsession with Friends.