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Food and Drink: The Gantry opens its doors

On Tuesday, we headed along to Pier One Sydney Harbour for the launch party of The Gantry Restaurant and Bar. The event saw the recently refurbished bar/restaurant officially swing open its doors, with over 200 esteemed… Read More

March into Merivale 2015 tantalises

Five weeks of food/wine/adventure/surprise? Don’t mind if we do! Yup, March into Merivale is back, bringing over 50 events to tantalise Sydney’s tastebuds at a host of venues around the city. You can… Read More

Gazebo emphasises community dining

Following an extensive transformation that strongly nods to the 1960s (when the landmark building was built), Gazebo in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay reopened at the back-end of last year. We decided it was high-time we headed along to… Read More

Anjum Anand’s Christmas recipe ideas’s Addy Fong dips into Anjum Anand’s cookbook to get some inspiration for Christmas eats:  There’s nothing like the comfort of consuming a potato salad to fill me with utter delight leading into… Read More

Port wine tasting in Porto visits sunny Portugal to get our wine on: Porto, Portugal, is a city hemmed by the glittering seam of the Rio Douro. From Porto’s riverfront area, the names of famous port wine producers… Read More

Father’s Day double giveaway

Hey Australian friends, pretty soon you’ll need to give some consideration to purchasing the perfect Father’s Day gift. And by perfect we of course mean something that looks awesome, thoughtful and expensive but… Read More

How to survive the World Cup

The World Cup 2014. The greatest sporting competition on earth, or a titanic waste of money better spent on vital improvements to the insufficient infrastructure of a country where corruption is exorbitant? Whatever your… Read More

Head Someplace Else

  Director Riley Blakeway’s new short documentary is worth watching for numerous reasons. Firstly, it features none other than somethingyousaid contributor, ludicrously talented artist and model Rose Ashton. Secondly, it makes the Mexican… Read More

Pleasures of the Flesh: The joys of Hospitality

Australian model/artist Rose Ashton (pictured, above left) is also a kickass hospitality manager. Here, she and her colleagues tell stories of benevolence, camaraderie, hard work, sex and… bestiality? Blimey: I have worked in hospitality… Read More

Get your discounted Quick Bottle delivery

You know that all-too-familiar feeling, when you’re completely out of alcohol and simply can’t be arsed to venture to the bottle shop? Annoying, right? Our local bottle shop used to be so closely situated that we… Read More

Sydney Bars that draw the best crowds

There’s nothing like an awesome local pub/bar to bring people together and to enable the kind of social interactions that are so important (and that also ensure we occasionally converse with our friends using… Read More

Our Favourite Brisbane Haunts

Keely Thurecht walks you through some of’s favourite places to hang/eat in Brisbane: When I sat down to compile my ultimate list of things to see, do and eat and drink in… Read More