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The Quirks of Intimacy – The Two Of Us

Ah, intimacy. The delicate and sinewy thread that we weave between ourselves and others like gentle spiders, shyness giving way to a slower and stranger blossoming, moving in crests as we watch and… Read More

Lifestyle: A Hipster’s Guide To Life

Upon moving into his new Eastern Suburb unit,’s Matt Lengren found what appeared to be a user manual in the main living area. The following is an excerpt from Chapter Two of the… Read More

How to behave at the beach

Depending on your location, potentially the only annoying/frustrating thing about a beach trip is the genuine fear of hypothermia. You’d think those of us lucky enough inhabit warmer climes would have little to complain about.… Read More

How to survive the World Cup

The World Cup 2014. The greatest sporting competition on earth, or a titanic waste of money better spent on vital improvements to the insufficient infrastructure of a country where corruption is exorbitant? Whatever your… Read More

How to host a kickass casino party

If you enjoy the excitement of gambling but are understandably keen to avoid losing your last dime while doing so, you might wanna consider hosting a casino-themed party. Not only is this a great method of… Read More

How To Survive A Shit Office Job

Every idealistic youth takes a pre-poverty line vow to avoid the mire of corporate employment. But mounting living-costs keep the gears of the office world churning, and burnt-out idealism turns into “smart-casual” and… Read More

From East To West in Ninety Days

TEN WAYS TO SAVE MONEY TRAVELLING CONTINENTAL EUROPE A female traveller can expect to receive all manner of advice/warnings from people about backpacking Europe alone. Mostly along the lines of ‘be safe, be… Read More

How to be a creep and get away with it

Following the epically amazing news that TLC have announced their first ever Australian tour, Liana Gow-Killingbeck offers five tips on how to be a creep and get away with it: 1. Wearing dark, tinted sunglasses… Read More

#kalelife: Signs you’re turning into a fuckwit

If knowledge is power, communication inspires interactivity and with affluence comes choice, then living in the privileged, overly commodified and cluttered world that we do is leading us all down the same path… Read More

Things that annoy us more than they should

The other day, a couple of our contributors were having a conversation about the little things that absolutely shouldn’t be annoying but are. Like how self-service checkouts arbitrarily don’t use pronouns sometimes (“Unexpected… Read More

How to behave on a plane

My husband travels for a living. Tour Manager by trade, he’s an all-knowing, all-seeing, human compass. His partner-in-crime travels as much, as far, and for the same worthy rock cause. They’re the Batman… Read More

How to have a new start in the New Year’s Victoria Mietchen suggests some easy ways to approach your life in a fulfilling manner… Some years are great, and some years – not so great. For all our planning, we cannot anticipate everything… Read More