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Some more things that annoy us

You may recall that we recently asked’s contributors to tell us the things that annoy them way more than they should. Well, it turns out they’re a pretty angry bunch because they’ve already… Read More

Breaking up with American Apparel

When you write a break-up letter and don’t hear back you know it’s really over, as somethingyousaid’s Oliver Heath discovers: We were done, and I’d decided to pull the plug in a letter,… Read More

The Best Moments of the 2014 World Cup

It was always going to be difficult to justify the World Cup being staged in a country where the money would have been better utilised on vital improvements to its woefully insufficient infrastructure.… Read More

What would you spend last $1.20 on?

If you’re anything like us, your occupation is hardly the most lucrative. So we were wondering, what would you spend your last $1.20/£1.20 on? We asked our contributors that very question. Here’s what they… Read More

Support White Ribbon Night

Much as we pretend to be party-animals here at, the truth is we’re always looking for any available excuse to stay home of an evening and watch Seinfeld repeats in our trackpants.… Read More

Ways that too much work makes you stupid

While you may have convinced yourself that your job is awesome and not an absolutely mind-numbing waste of time, chances are it’s making you dumb-as-shit. Harriet Cheney explains why: 1. You lose sight… Read More

Greetings From Wycliffe Well

Nathan Roche searches for extra-terrestrial activity in Australia’s Northern Territory: The question is begging to be asked: “At what point does a small town realise it has no economy and must lie its way… Read More

Interview: Neil Harbisson is a Cyborg

Neil Harbisson is a cyborg who listens to colour via an antenna drilled into his skull. Seriously. The 31-year-old, British-Spanish artist (pictured, above) has always lived a kinda weird life. He was born… Read More

How to survive the World Cup

The World Cup 2014. The greatest sporting competition on earth, or a titanic waste of money better spent on vital improvements to the insufficient infrastructure of a country where corruption is exorbitant? Whatever your… Read More

Emerging Writers’ Festival x Jack Colwell

The fantastic, Melbourne-based Emerging Writers’ Festival is a cultural melting-pot for writers to come together to learn their craft, showcase their work to their peers and let off some steam. If you thought musicians… Read More

How to host a kickass casino party

If you enjoy the excitement of gambling but are understandably keen to avoid losing your last dime while doing so, you might wanna consider hosting a casino-themed party. Not only is this a great method of… Read More

Head Someplace Else

  Director Riley Blakeway’s new short documentary is worth watching for numerous reasons. Firstly, it features none other than somethingyousaid contributor, ludicrously talented artist and model Rose Ashton. Secondly, it makes the Mexican… Read More