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HOW TO: Shop Online When Drunk

Here at we like to provide you with important life advice. This week, Bianca Cornale has come up with a ‘How To’ guide that every fashionista/closet alcoholic should take note of. We’re… Read More

Dine like they do on Game of Thrones

The elevator pitch for Game of Thrones surely wouldn’t appeal. “Erm, it’s a fantasy show set in a mythical middle ages with sword-fighting and a bit of a supernatural element.” Sounds like Nerd City,… Read More

The Commercialism of Valentine’s Day

The Commercialism of Valentine’s Day, and why I’ll be spending it alone this year… Everyone knows that February the fourteenth is Valentine’s Day, a time to show your loved one just how much… Read More

Getting Awkwardly Naked in Morocco

Jess O’Callaghan gets nekkid: I barely know how to handle myself in the changing room of a swimming pool in Australia, where women huddle against the wall and slip their underwear back on… Read More

Polpo is humble and delicious

Polpo is a bacaro, which is a Venetian word used to describe a humble restaurant serving simple food alongside good, young local wines. I had chanced upon a favourable review about Polpo some… Read More

The Force is strong in this one

A few weeks back we went to a celebration of three decades of Nike’s Air Force 1. The night also acted as the launch of the new Lunar Force 1 range. So we thought… Read More

In a Pickle: Street Food in Istanbul

Today, Farz Edraki makes her SYS debut by getting all in a pickle on the streets of Turkey: Fishermen on the pier unhook their daily catch from fishing lines; a family prepare to walk the… Read More

Beached As Sunday Sessions in Bondi

It was a sunny ol’ morning on Sunday in Sydney, so a few of us decided to head to the beach. As is always the case, by the time we managed to get… Read More

Day of the Dead Festival in London’s East End

Welcome the REAL Day of the Dead. Last night I went along to London’s freshly opened Quiquiriqui Mexcaleria (which is pronounced ‘kee kee REE kee’ and means ‘cock a doodle doo’) for their… Read More

Hey Kool Thing, Come Here

Golden Lady recalls the women and girls she looked up to as a youngster and also crushes on the new cool chicks in town: Growing up, I honoured a handful of female role… Read More

A Vegetarian Walks Into a Cockfight

Tenley Nordstrom is a vegetarian. She went to a cock fight. Here’s her story: Somehow I managed to score a studio apartment above what must be the only Irish pub in Nicaragua. The… Read More

Is the office becoming obsolete?

At Something You Said, we now have about 50 contributors. They are based all over the world, from Sydney to Austin via London, Berlin and a host of other places. So, obviously, we… Read More